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You Still Read Manga?

I’m almost busy on weekdays, but by Friday, I’ve pretty much cleared my desk. I hate thinking about work during my 2 days off (weekends).

Like any normal Friday, I’d check if Naruto is up (and Bleach). Pushing 27, the passion is still there. A fellow co-worker caught be reading it during office hours.

MN: Ko dah besar pon baca komik? Aku ingatkan research tadi.
NH: Kasi clear skit kepale. Dah berasap dah nak digest semua input tadi.
MN: Nak release tension, ko bukak la porn.

It’s amazing how some people see things in a different perspective. But porn isn’t really my thing.

I guess I can’t help it. I started reading Naruto when I was 20. It’s been 7 years and I’m still hooked to the series. I read manga because I admire the drawings. The kind of effort, drive and creativity to needed produce aย series. I believe sci-fi or fantasy should be graphical, not in words like Twilight, Harry Potter etc.

Come to think of it again, it is childish. But who cares?

ps: I’m going to ride a boat tomorrow! Whooppii~

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23 replies on “You Still Read Manga?”

hmm.. aku pn layan gak dulu masa skolah.
komik jepun dgn hong kong mmg best bab grafik
dengan jalan ceritanya.

komik mat saleh kasar, tak detail sgt.bosan.

tp skarang aku dh slow sikit sbb tumpu pd family.
koleksi komik masih berkotak2 dlm stor.
buleh buka comic library haha

‘ter’cerita pasal diri sendiri lak. sori.
baca komik bukan childish bagi aku.
sedangkan penulis dan pelukis komik
pun bukan budak2 atau remaja.
Fujiko Fujio pun cipta watak doraemon
masa umur penghujung 30-an ๐Ÿ˜‰

same la kite..
bila dah ikut lama sesuatu benda, nk stop tuh memang susah benau ek..
huhu, kt Jpon nih yang dah tua bangka pon masih dok baca manga waktu naik train tau~ ๐Ÿ˜‰

I malas sikit baca manga sebab I confuse baca part diorg fight. so I skip to the end of the fight to see who wins the battle. hahaha. but I do watch anime tho. hehe :p

I must admit I miss naruto tho. but the fillers episodes sucks. slow nak mampus

it’s not childish. in Japan, manga is for every age. from light reading to heavy stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

Naruto not bad, but I you should try reading One Piece, its more addictive then both bleach and naruto combine. Lol.

I still read manga whenever I get my hands on it, and I lurveeee anime ๐Ÿ™‚ Childish? Not to me! I used to watch bleach during my lunch hour instead of going out for a meal hehe

After finished reading naruto, bleach etc can still read ecchi / hentai manga what.. so that will also satisfy your porn needs. Hehe..

Dulu belakang Fajar, syok jugak lepak sambil baca komik. 50 sen je satu komik.

IMO its not childish at all. Manga is a big thing in Japan it became an ‘industry’ there.

Naruto and One Piece are the best I read so far ๐Ÿ™‚

setuju. aku masih layan manga smpai hari ini. Tak leh tinggal maa. Aku nak tau endingnya camana. Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Toriko, Break Blade, Bakuman dan banyak lagi. Banyak yg aku tunggu ending dia. HUnter X lagi tak abis-abis citenya…

woooooo… wrong channel la.. i do not/ never/ don want to read this mangga this.. even anime pon i x tengok.. x minat..heheh

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