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Yo Sushi!

I cashed my bonus yesterday and got myself a new phone (will tell you about that later).

I wanted to treat myself a round of sushi but going solo is never fun, especially Japanese food, so I rang an old friend of mine, the Mindful Trinkets.

Yo! Sushi!

We went to Yo Sushi! at Pavillion. I’ve only been there to catch flicks, never for food nor date (it’s been a while since I last dated).

The food is expectedly expensive, but considering the quality of salmons, eels, squids, I wouldn’t mind paying a bitch slapped price. The best dish was Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese, pure orgasm! The bill rounded to RM130, that’s almost the price of Japanese buffet for 2, but it’s worth every penny I assure you.

I got home a little late, I went browsing Lowyat for geeky stuff.

Mindful Trinkets later caught me on YM,”Ed, ko cirit tak?“.

WTH? Exquisite meals equals to diarrhea? But I did caught a terrible tooth ache, another wisdom tooth branching out. No matter how many times I positioned myself, I couldn’t get any shut eye all the way to dawn.

Alternate hours, I got up to continue my work, unfortunately, the piercing pain tops my concentration. Off to bed again. I did text that someone and whined about the pain, but she couldn’t be much of a help.

Tak dapat ubat sakit gigi pon takpe, janji terubat rindu di hati (oh so cheesy!)

I supposed diarrhea is much better than what I had. After all, it flushes your colon content and you’re off to a clean start.

And a clean start is all what we yearn for.

ps: Tooth ache gone after walloping a handful of painkillers (literally) and ice doesn’t help :kiss:

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aku igt org selalu kata gigi nk tumbuh ni tanda nk membesar…xkan la kot,ko dah besar panjang..hmm weird~ ❓

Bro, care to write a simple first hands on review about your 5800XM in ur next post? I found it a bit weird when have to type messages in the landscape mode. But this, with only 10 minutes experience I had on the phone at the phone store.

Am very2 interested to buy this phone coz planning to install Garmin XT in it..with the bigger screen and good speakers i bet it’ll make a good GPS phone device.
(not going burn nearly 1k for a gps device that i’m only gonna use during weekends, or once a month)

It has accelerometer, which means can type in portrait mode or landscape mode, depending on the phone position.

I did install Garmin XT, but still can’t use it. Will write about it if I succeed.

Overall, it’s easy to use, simplistic and quick (never hang). 1.2k for 5800, still a bit expensive. Wait a few more month, I think it’ll drop below 1k.

1.2k? Guessing it’s an Ori set? Actually the launched price is around 2.5k something..not sure why the price drop so fast..but I’ve read plenty of good reviews about this phone.. and see many of gps garmin demo in youtube using this phone..making me very2 tempting..

No it’s not. It’s AP. Ori at 1.4k. It’s RM1180 to be exact. Add parking and eatery, easily rounded to 1.2k.

I’ve installed Garmin XT, but I’m not getting my location. Back to square one.

weirdly enough yo sushi reminded me of that silly children show yo gabba-gabba. hahaha…

aih, its been awhile since i blow my pocket money on great eating. will definitely treat myself for my upcoming birthday next semester. hahaha…


smoked salmon with cheese tu mmg sangat sedap!!! but, due to its price.. mampu mkn setahun 1-2 kali je… huk huk… bulan2 mampu makan sushi king or sushi kat jusco ajela~

Oh wow Ed, how come kita tumbuh gigi secara berjemaah ni? 😛

I hate it when people say things like “La, dah besar panjang baru tumbuh gigi?” or “Alah alah macam budak-budak la die ni”. Normal la early to mid-twenties baru keluar gigi bongsu…bukan masa sains tingkatan 3 ada belajar ke? If I recall correctly la. Wikipedia pun ada article about it.

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