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Yasmin Ahmad Dies, 25 July 09, 11.25pm

The news from Bernama

Renowned film and advertising director Yasmin Ahmad died here at about 11.25 pm Saturday night. She was reported to have suffered a stroke and brain hemorrhage. Bernama

What a lost to the nation.


Credit: Doghouse

I love her ads. Short and very thought provoking. Often leaving me teary eyed. I guess we won’t be seeing any more of her work during festive seasons. Seriously, such a big lost to the nation.

Embed is my most favorite clip.

[flash w=100%]

Let’s just pray she left with no regrets. Amen.

ps: Hope to see more and more of her work. Sadly..  😥

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19 replies on “Yasmin Ahmad Dies, 25 July 09, 11.25pm”

although i’m not a big fan of the movies but i like the ads. sangat kreatif. kekadang memang menyentuh jiwa..


btw.. luaran nampak tenang tapi dalam hati siapa yang tahu. ..

Madam yasmin was an extraordinary human being who pricks our concious to think how fragile we are as a human with just a ten minute clips\ads.I bow my head in respect to this beautiful soul who we will miss forever.From now on will there be another yasmin?For me she will lives on in every soul who remembers and cheerish her and her works in any way possible as long as we remember all of us are merely a fragile human beings.Thank you for giving me a small space to pay my tribute.

Al fatihah. Yang paling sedih she left without enough credits in her bag by our own penggiat seni. Balik2 that so called prof mohaidin’s stupid filem tu juga yang menang award.

Such a waste

Linie, tak baik buka aib orang dah meninggal.

Al fatihah

huh,touching beb iklan dia….

aku taktau la iklan petronas tahun ni mcm mana,hope diaorg dah buat awal2. Merasa la jugak kita tgk hasil kerja dia yang terakhir 🙁

To think I might not see her anymore, makes so it so hard not to cry……indeed she was one of the nation’s most promising assets, such a great loss we have to endure now.

We shall miss you Yasmin Ahmad, glad that our paths crossed and to get to know u for a short period of time, i shall cherish it…..goodbye from us Dubliners


dr timmy aj – ireland

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