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WordPress Plugin For Negaraku!

I’ve sent a circular news to members of Negaraku, but non replied 😥
They must have thought it was spam. But it’s ok   😛

It’s Here!

Like the same routine of installing any WordPress Plugin,

  1. Download the Plugin Here.
  2. Unzip and Upload to your Plugin folder (wp-content/plugins)
  3. Activate it in your Admin page
  4. Optionally, change the placing of the button in Options (via Admin).

Now who said, we can’t have a localized Digg?   😛

Let me know if you have successfully install it. I want to see how the button looks on your blog! You can thank me by visiting the sponsors on the right    😉

ps: Next time around, a localized Twitter!

pss: The button looks messy   😕

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

59 replies on “WordPress Plugin For Negaraku!”

Hello..This is a awesome plugin.. But I’m not satisfied with the placing of the button. Can I customize the placing according to my need. How can I do so, since you don’t have any css codes externally

cool shit! this beat digg it flat! haha! ok i installed it on my blog.. please come and vote my cool posts ➡ ➡ 😆 😆

eh.. i tried to ‘fave it’ and my blog and this blog and i got this :

Warning: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ” at line 1 in /home/noktahhi/negaraku/libs/db.php on line 233

Oops, what you’re looking for isn’t here!

The article link is working though.

bro. kalo nk call function tue and letak sebelah title setiap post cane ek? xnk letak dlm body… cam tak best je. kalo boleh letak sblh title tue… harap2 ade option nk kecikkan gmbr.

xpun kalo dalam body tue leh ade option kecikkan gmbr orait gak…

sbb die jd cam nie….


teks bla bla bla….

kalo dpt camnie agak bgs

[logo] teks bla bla bla
nie utk top left jer… huhu. cane ek?

try letak ke top-right, same ke effect die?

aku rase aku dah overlap semua jenis CSS tag, so patut nye

[logo] teks tekx text hahaa alala

dan bukan contoh pertame yg kau bagi tu.

woohoo. this is smashing! i’m installing this on my blog tonite! nice work NH!!

btw, i think there are a few m’sian-kinda digg lying around (dead) on the web, one of it but negaraku surely has got the best name and features!

i think the button could look kinkier – how bout a rounded shape, embossed sikit, with malaysian flag dalam tu instead of a squarish one. 😎

bro, kau kene tuka submit.php tu ke fav.php, kalau tak orang takkan vote, orang asik kene submit je.

kalau pakai fav.php, die akan detect dulu, link ko ade dlm database tak, if kalau tade, die akan mintak orang utk submit. kalau ade, ko dapat satu vote.

Hello, good job on the plugin. There’s one problem: nowhere in this page or the other have you placed a link to Negaraku! itself. I could not find it on Google, and I had to download the plugin and view its code in order to find the Malaysian version of Digg. Some of us might not know it ever existed. Thanks.

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