Will You Be My Saviour?


What You See Is What You Get. Wooo Hooo!

Few weeks ago (before GE) I was out to KLCC, window shopping. By ‘shopping’, I meant.. not being faithful to my beloved doctors :kiss:

I was feeling a little hungry and decided to have tea at Signature (KLCC food court). I sat alone and was still excited about the books (I don’t read, forget what I said) socks that I bought πŸ™‚

Typical of me, I looked at hot passerby while thinking of what should I have (not girls, but food). Suddenly a girl sits next to me. I noticed there were tonnes of empty seats, but why here? ❓

I turned to her, my God, dumbstruck, she was an utter goddess :XO:

NoktahHitam : Em, sorry, do I know you?
Girl A.D. : Pretend I’m not sitting next to you.

web-20-programming.jpgWhatever, I pulled my book and started flipping the pages, pretending as if I’m cold guy. Next thing I knew, she was leaning against me.

NoktahHitam : WTF? Wanna borrow a book?

I was trying to ditch her, thought a programming book might help. *happy*happy*happy* Secretly, I wanted it to last. 1,2,5,10,15 minutes passed, she’s still leaning against me. This has to stop.

NoktahHitam : Something bothering you?
Girl A.D. : That guy is my ex. I’m stalking.
NoktahHitam : So you need me, in order to accomplish that?
Girl A.D. : Correct correct correct.
NoktahHitam : Why did you choose me?
Girl A.D. : You look like a gentleman.

Bah! Gentleman is overrated nowadays. I folded my leg and started focusing on my readings. She held me closer, tighter as if I’m a bolster (bantal busuk).

Girl A.D. : Nice guns (biceps & triceps).
NoktahHitam : It comes with a pain-in-ass sarcastic male.
Girl A.D. : I’ll put whipped cream and cherry on top.

45 minutes passed, I turned to her and saw her sleeping. Awe. I wanted to wake her up, but I think she deserved the nap. I’m sure she’s tired battling with her relationship, plus stalking all day, it might be too much for an average girl. For now, let me be her eyes. Her head on my shoulder, she’s off to WonderLand.

1 hour marked. She woke up. I told her, he left with the girl. They were kissing when you were asleep. She cried. I accompanied her for a walk in the park. Venting with hatred, she repeatedly stomped her feet while explaining her end of story. I’m no darl nor a love doctor, but I could at least lend her my ears.

We exchanged phone numbers and parted few hours later.

3 days passed. An SMS came in, written, will you lend me your heart?

I replied, what’s the point, if you’re gonna return it back? She never texted me since.

ps : I’m a cold guy ➑

pss: She didn’t texted, she called. We went out to a movie 😯

psss: She bought me an MP3 player with her bonus πŸ™„

pssss: She has a new boyfriend 😐

psssss: Positively sure she’s not a NoktahHitam reader :kiss:

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

19 replies on “Will You Be My Saviour?”

gilo lah eddie! kena cek ngan akauntan yang comel ni adakah kau ni handsome. oh, nevermind, u look like a gentleman. sometimes wonder, adakah ini kisah benar…huhu πŸ˜›

aishah’s last blog post..Okay!

u sure attract a lot of weird types bro, haha
well at least it was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it?

She called and talked for 4 hours (almost)

She could have said, “Hi, I met this guy at Bla-bla, He’s cute, He’s tanned and very good looking. Our taste match..”

Ok 4 hours seemed too short and kind enough

If a guy, “Hey, I got a new girlfriend. See yah.”

5 sec conversation LoL!

kau nk aku bgtau echah, kau handsome ke tak?

patutla echah tanya aku aritu.. camne aku leh x perasan entri ni??

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