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Will You Be My Coach?

Muhammad, my youngest bro asked me. Having learned that I am coaching the MCKK U15 Rugby team until 2010. He wants me to coach him rugby as well. What is he thinking?

Muhammad is still early in his standard 5 and yet having a dream that one day, when he enters MCKK, he wants me to coach him. I treat him like an adult most the time (of course minus the wrestling), seldom like a kid. I would try my best to rationalize every question asked. As a coach, I am not-to-be-messed-with. So I guess I won’t be coaching them (MCKK boys) until 2010, probably longer. I don’t think I can resist tormenting my youngest family member, hahaha.

My parents have also decided to allow Muhammad to continue his second-level education at MCKK. He will be transferred to a normal school (from Al-Amin a private Islamic school) effective next year (standard 6) and will sit for UPSR there.

By the way, if Muhammad joins MCKK’s rugby squad, he will be mobile. He is big and very fast. No 8, winger, jumper or prop. Let’s just hope he nails his UPSR first.

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