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WiFi On Transnational Buses by Celcom

A couple of years ago I came out with a solution, I proposed WiFi on the bus, the proposal wasn’t taken seriously by the senior managers.

Now, there’s someone else who took the initiative. Transnational – Celcom to provide tablet leasing on its’ trunk routes. Well done boys! Let’s hope the stable signal on the route, perhaps consistent HSPA+ connection.

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5 replies on “WiFi On Transnational Buses by Celcom”

idea outside the box memang camtue.. orang akan payah nak terima sebab tak tercapai dek logik diorang… so ko patutnya bangga idea ko 2 tahun dulu baru sekarang orang leh capai secara waras..

Finally! kalau ko ade idea2 lain..propose lg bro..
maybe aku leh tolong by pass the “inside the box” managers..hehe

idea tue mungkin kurang sesuai kut pada 2 tahun lepas, di sebabkan masih kurang penggunaan gadjet yg canggih mangih nie..

tapi nampaknya bro menpunyai pandangan yang jauh. tahniah.

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