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You Shouldn’t Bet On 3rd Party Products


My second adapter

Few months ago, my Compaq power adapter died on me. So I got myself a new 3rd party adapter, just like the image above ❓

I always wonder what kind of effects it would have on my laptop other than the tingling sensation when I put my finger in the RJ45 (network) port. Yesterday, my laptop went on a strike, it just wont start ❗

As an engineering graduate, I can not hide my overwhelming curiosity. So I pulled out my technician kit* and decided to disassemble my laptop to its final bits. After fiddling with the parts, I noticed, nothing is wrong with the components. That was the biggest upset, 5 hours of trouble shooting and I found nothing 😐

Let’s tap the power source! *Light-bulb* I plugged the power adapter into my digital oscilloscope and found out that the AC supplied wasn’t stable. It fluctuates as it pleases! 😯

Moral of the Story, ‘Do not buy cheap 3rd party electrical products‘. It almost fried my hard disk, mother board and other components 🙄

ps: I will die of boredom if my laptop out to repair 😥

pss: My laptop is considerably cheap, it’s the data thats worth milllions (I think)

psss: *technician kit includes digital oscilloscope, multi meters, screw drivers, anti static gloves and a hammer (to knock when it doesn’t work)

Which reminded me of a line in Armageddon,”Russian and American components, is the same, all made in Taiwan

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I praise you to apply your knowledge to repair the laptop and your suggestions may benefit me. I will remain cautious of 3rd party products. Thanks for the post. I appreciate the blogger for quotation that is “I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.”- Abraham Lincoln

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