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NoktahHitam for Blogger of the Year?

There comes a time, at least once a year, I’d seek for assistance. It is now.

NoktahHitam for Blogger of the Year? 1 or NoktahHitam for Blogger of the Year? 2

I’m sure those who crawled to top ten of the award at least wrote a post-whore asking you to vote for them. Unfortunately for you, I want you to spend your daily vote quota on me.

In case you don’t know me, I am NoktahHitam and I have been blogging for almost a decade. I am a freak, a geek, an egoist. I do my best to write things that would touch you and me, based on my daily live. And I talk alone, when I have a gadget in my hand.

Before you start whiffing your mouse across the screen, allow me to re-cap some of the best 2010 posts, in 4 categories of “LOL-Real Story”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Literature” and “Serious Matters”. This will seriously save you a lot of time on considering, whether I’m good or just crap.

LOL – Real Story

These are all real story and based actual events. They are basically pranks and jokes, written with a different mood. Characters were renamed to protect the real person.

1. Pakcik Jaga Nepal (38) – This is a story of how I pranked the guards at the office. Serious LOL. To this day, we became good buddies and sometimes he’d reserve a parking lot for me.

2. The Daughter I Never Had, Yet (39) – A girl called and told me, I’m her father.

3. The Expensive Italian Under Garment (33) – The story of wedgies and underwear.

How I Met Your Mother

By July, I will be a husband to Aisyah Rozi. So I thought it’d be great to compile some of the post that can be read by my (or rather our) kids. I’d probably fluster but wth..

1. TOLONGGGG!!! (38) – Your mom chased by a guy.

2. Redial (21) – Pranked using a phone though it’s not really impossible, just not with that phone. Serious LOL

3. Shampoo & Wall Street (22) – Some guy can take all the time in the world just to pick a shampoo.


This is where I experiment and play with words. I do poetry and stories.

1. I’m Slowly Falling For You (46) – This is dedicated to the one and only.

2. The ER6-F Story (35)-  I’d call it a hybrid, a combination of poem and story of a super bike I admire most.

3. The Proposal (15) – Fictional or not, but this is one of the genre I actually like writing, romantic sappy stuff.

Serious Matters

My most prided posts resides here. This is where critical matters were discussed, argued, proposed and some were forwarded to management.

1. Open Letter to Maybank (46) – Wrote an open letter to Maybank in Bahasa Melayu. It was featured in MalaysiaKini column and got a call from a Maybank director to take down the post. It was credit card issue.

2. Why I Changed from Maxis to Digi! (68) – A lengthy post why I changed telco provider. Although it may reflect negatively on Maxis, Maxis should be professional enough and take this as a challenge. As far as I remembered, close to 20 guys & girls changed telco provider after reading the post.

3. DiGi – Make This Happen! (23) – A healthy proposal/debate on how DiGi could innovate. And they did just that, by introducing the RM33 for 300 mb plan, few weeks after the post was forwarded to the top management.

There you go, 12 posts for your consideration. So again, if you feel that I deserve to win, VOTE FOR ME. Else, just drop me a hate-comment.

NoktahHitam for Blogger of the Year? 1 or NoktahHitam for Blogger of the Year? 2

ps: If I did win, seriously I’ll do an open table, of course everything on me.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

20 replies on “NoktahHitam for Blogger of the Year?”

seriously bro, am voting u. my wife show me this, I don’t read another blog except hers.but now am goin to like yours.btw,she said u’re the most strategically blogger among other contestants.

walaupun belum taken tapi xde vlog dgn 1tube, u dont stand a chance bro. agaga

out of 12 , i like er6f entries the most, same superbike interest. saving mine for xj6 diversion.

Kalau aku belum taken, mungkin aku buat vlog dan bagai lagi. Tulis pasal putus cinta, maki hamun org utk dpt publicity etc. Tp sbb dh mule ade tanggungjawab, kene act like a person with maturity. Tak leh nak ronggeng sane sini dh.

ER6F tu mimpi je la. XJ6 terbaik doh. Tp kalau ade sen extra aku angkut Ducati Monster. Check kt Naza haritu 70k. Mmg menjilat jari bile start engine

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