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Why Men Lose Hair

Warning : This a LONG post. Read at your own risk, pun intenteded.

The other day I was out with a female friend and so our journey to the shopping mall begins from her house.(Yeah, I do taxi service as well, other than developing websites)

NoktahHitam: Where are we heading? Which mall?
Girl: Anywhere also the same.
NoktahHitam: Ok. Let’s go to “Place Y”. I need a new pair of jeans.
Girl: Last time we went there already. Nothing much there.
NoktahHitam: Any suggestion(s)?
Girl: Anything would do. Up to you la
[she did say ‘anywhere’ and ‘anything’, so why does she have to argue?]

So we ended up driving to Place Y. I got my pair of jeans, Giordano. I don’t have to try, I know my size.

NoktahHitam: I feel like eating, don’t you?
Girl: I’m not hungry. Nevermind I will accompany you.
NoktahHitam: Ok. (walking towards a japanese restaurant).
Girl: Eh, this place is very bad. I don’t like the sushi.
NoktahHitam: Fast food okay for you?
Girl: Don’t you know its fattening?
NoktahHitam: Once in a while its ok. If you don’t want, let’s find some place else.
Girl: Anywhere. I don’t mind. Up to you.
[She said she’s not hungry but why complain about what I’ll be having?]

Since finding a place to eat is like finding the next Malaysian Idol, I decided to skip lunch. So did she. Good, save the money for parking fees.

NoktahHitam: Since we’re not eating, let’s go for a movie. Let me pick the movie.
Girl: Ok.
NoktahHitam: Let’s watch this. My friends tell me its good.
Girl: Did you watch the trailer? It sucks! Choose something else.
NoktahHitam: Why don’t you suggest?
Girl: Anything would do.
[I’m partially using my veto power, but can never beat her mind game]

We left the ticketing booth and wandered around. I am now hungry and pissed.

Girl: I’ll be in this shop (walking in shoe shop)
NoktahHitam: Ok. Will follow later. (3-4 mins later I walked in)
Girl: Which do you think looks good on me, the red or brown?
NoktahHitam: The brown looks good. But the red suits you most.
Girl: But you said the brown looks good?
NoktahHitam: Yeah, the red suits you most.
Girl: You don’t what you’re talking about.
NoktahHitam: I need some air. When you’re done, call me ok.
Girl: Will do.
[She said ‘looks good on me’! Next time, I’ll close my eyes and point something off the shelves.]

I switched off my mobile phone, went to my car and drove off . Unfortunately, that was just my state of mind. I sat at the bench outside overlooking the fountain, just to clear my head.

Girl: Hey where are you?
NoktahHitam: I’m outside, why?
Girl: I met my friend and we’re going for lunch. Come join us!
NoktahHitam: Ok.

I followed her instruction and found myself at the Japanese restaurant I wanted to go earlier. I walked in and sat next to Girl. There was a paper bag on the table so I placed it on the floor. I noticed she bought herself the red shoes.

Once we’re done, we called for bill. Her friend accidentally pulled out a movie ticket, the movie I wanted to watch. Being the gentleman I am..

NoktahHitam: It’s ok, its on me.
Friend: It’s ok, we’ll split the bill. (pheewwwh!)
NoktahHitam: How was the movie?
Friend: You mean this?(Showing the movie ticket). It was very good! I’ll watch it again sometime.
NoktahHitam: I thought so too (I gave Girl a GOOD cynical glare)
Girl: What are you looking at?
NoktahHitam: Oh no, I thought I saw an idiot coming from your direction.

I thought of asking how was Place Y, but that’d be too much. Anyway, I’m not going bald but if this continues on daily basis, I will no longer need a shaver (for mustache or goatee) as I will be ‘fur-less’, like you know who.

Is it my fate to entertain people? Am I trapped in the wrong circle? Or all girls are like this, playing hard to catch and ‘water-testing’? I just want to be free of ‘you’ like ‘you’ are of me.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

35 replies on “Why Men Lose Hair”

The conversation is quite funny but .. Sorry to say, I dont like that type of lady too. Whaatttda…

=) Sorry eh! No offence. Plus I am saying that I dont like that type of lady not your female friend la. Ehehe. Probably she’s screwed up or having screwed-day where everything isn’t truly okay to her. Who knows ..

Fastfood is fattening. Sure it is.. But c’mon, once in a while okay what. Daaa… *annoyed*

nono’s last blog post..It isn’t an addiction. It is a need.

believe it or not, i have to be with that type of girl everyday now, or for the time being.. whatever i asked her, she will say ‘anything is fine with me’.
i hope she will just give me her preference instead of ‘anything’ all the time.
it doesnt make her flexible but annoying & have no preference at all.. c’mon, make a decision now and then!

cbenc12’s last blog post..2nd Weekend in SF~

well, i had a memory with a guy friend also. i want to share as well. huu..tumpang blog eh.

me : where to eat?
him : haaa…ni tak suka nih. cepat bagitau nak makan kat mana?
me : nak makan apa?
him : hmmm…
me : nak makan nasi kat sini, nak makan western kat sini…nak makan tomyam kat sini…
him : apa2 pun boleh lah..
me : hmmm…makan kat sini lah…
him : okay…tapi saya nak makan benda nih lah..
me : tadi suruh orang decide…ni dia plak tak nak…

so, i guess, sama je…guy or girl.. 🙂

have a nice day!

aishah’s last blog post..I’d never knew.

eyh, mane ade la cik aishah…tak ramai spesis lelaki mangkuk camni. nape la awak gi keluar ngan lelaki yang tak boleh buat decision camtu? ramai lagi lelaki yang best2 kat dunia ni. hahaha. LOL

i hope u r not implying im the reason for his baldness! *frown*

aiyo eddie, apsal la nasib ko malang sungguh with girls.. friend or not.. *sigh* i have a tip – low maintenance girls don’t usually do nails. they r the simplest u can find in the planet!

well, that’s my general observation lah..

linie’s last blog post..The Best of Friends

ye ke fadh?
cam tak caya je?

emmm.. tapi aku percaya yg fadh ni leh hormati pandangan org lain gak… (harap2 cam tu la..)

aku sokong..
maybe masa ko kuar dgn diorg ni(setiap kali koa dgn pompuan yg type2 camni..) , diorg tgh PMS.. nasib ko la eddie..

Terus terang cakap.. my point of view as a woman.. if I hang out with my guy buddy (tak kisahla sama ada dia tu my pet bro ke, my best buddy ke.. atau those yang I feel for–>if u know what I mean) I will never give him a headache by being too fussy n ‘cold’—> tanya satu line, jawab sepatah.. ‘anything’ but pastu merungut… well, we girls tend to talk A LOTTTT bila berbual dengan guys yang kita suka/sayang.. it’s easy to read the signal..

lalala, my money? She’s richer than me.

aishah, bukan nak buat bini pon. saje jalan2 temankan org. asik kuar dgn kawan2 laki je.. sekali sekale kene la the opposite sex, karang org kate gay plak. Hahaha.

Nasib baik u memahami cik aishah…

i dah lame faham…lalala~

p/s:- waalaikummussalam w.b.t, cik aishah!

la… ye ke?
lipas aku ok…
katak n cicak mmg la geli

tapi kalo fadh tu…
(jap..aku pikir 2-3 kali nk ckp fadh tu lelaki sejati..)

this tell me something about interview on first date u go out which an article i read from first date.

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