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Why Lee Chong Wei Stumbles

If you missed the game, don’t bother. It was a lousy match. Lee Chong Wei lost (21-12, 21-8) and bagged home a silver.

Lee Chong Wei Stumbles

While most of you are sure to bash on Lee Chong Wei‘s bad performance, I’d like to do the opposite. I’d like to thank him. Terima kasih Lee Chong Wei. You’ve inspired others.

  • If he won, he’d bag home RM1 million of rakyats money and be a total crap thereafter.
  • If he won, he might get a beating from the China crowd (it happened before ok!)
  • If he won, BAM will be so proud of him and would march him everywhere.
  • If he won, medias will have unlimited coverage of him. We, eventually will get sick of him.
  • If he won, Ali Cafe and Sunway Lagoon will appoint him as an ambassador.
  • If he won, we’d be complacent.
  • If he won, no one will need to avenge for the next Olympics.
  • If he won, he’d put his successor in distress (LeeCW can, why can’t you?)
  • If he won, he’d make the Sports Minister losses more hair

So why did he lose? 2 Reason; Away and Stage Fright.

Let’s not forget, the Olympics is hosted by China. And obviously Lin Dan had the upper hand in every aspect, including ground, crowd and support. If they were hosted elsewhere, I’m convinced it’d be a different story. It’s like the tally for Thomas Cup 2008, where Lee Chong Wei beats Lin Dan.

If you saw the match, you’d wonder why is Lee Chong Wei so heartless, spiritless and demotivated? Easy. Because China supporters turned up in enormous number and filled the stadium with cheers and noise. It’s enough to give anyone a cold sweat. Although it’s no excuse to be unprepared (mentally), he is still a human and stage fright happens.

We cause people to reconsider their limits, to see what looks like a wall may really just be an obstacle in the mind. – Lance Armstrong

Lee Chong Wei, thank you for the Silver medal and better luck next time.

ps: Should I be unethical and ping PPS using Negaraku (automatically)?

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uhuhu. I still want Malaysia to win πŸ˜₯ . Because this is not only about Chong Wei. It’s about M’sia.And ,err, i think i only agree with u in 1st and 2nd points. :up:

uhuhu. I still want Malaysia to win πŸ˜₯ . Because this is not only about Chong Wei. It’s about M’sia.And ,err, i think i only agree with u in 1st and 2nd point. :up:

haha..doyot batak smp 3 comments…aku nak tgk final tuh tp kena antar adik kat pegi stesen putra la plak kan..potong stim btol…bila aku balik, game br jer man2 abes..kalah sayur lak tuh…so aku xterasa ralat pon xtgk game tuh….papehal pon ..tahniah CW sbb bg pingat kt Malaysia sebijik πŸ˜›

wahahahah i actually terlepas to watch it xD
totally tak ingat!!! LOL (where my semangat olympics had gone??!!)

oh well.. a lousy game u said? xD
congrats to him for the silver medal
better than getting nothing what hehe

I agree with you, NH! While people on my left and right bashing Lee CW, I kept telling them that he did his best.. it’s not easy to have all the pressure on him like that even though he was mentally and pysically prepared… like you said, he is a human after all… I sure would love those who bashed him (behind his back la surely) to play in Olympics (tu pun kalau mampu lepas tahap daerah pun) .. menang, semua tumpang bangga… bila kalah.. semua mengutuk.. ceis!

Congrats Lee Chong Wei, you did good and make us proud! Cayalah!

“If he won, Ali Cafe and Sunway Lagoon will appoint him as an ambassador.”

Then WongLoKat, Kopi Cap Kapal Layar, Brylcream, Gillette, Mamee, every single beverage and products out there will appoint him as an ambassador too

I like this phrase:

“If he won, he’d bag home RM1 million of rakyat’s money and be a total crap thereafter.”

With one million, we could send one student to study engineering overseas.

Ko melampau, sampai nak terkencing2 pulak. Malu kat orang laa nampak basah jer kat bawah tu hahahaha.

Tapi serius dow, memang nervous giler. Tuhan jer tahu…

P/s: Jangan terberak sudah, BUSUK padahnya satu court tuh! 😈

I’ve always come to MY OWN (i don’t need you to counter-attack me, i’m well aware that it is my personal opinion) conclusion that most of the athletes who stays on top, they don’t play FOR ‘Malaysia’.

Take Nicol Davids for instance, she plays to win, NOT for the country, but for herself – although it does make her look like she won it for the country.

But often, i realized that, when our athletes are ‘suppose’ to win for the country, they stumble. If you play the game for YOURSELF, you get a different type of adrenaline running thru your blood (though it was NEVER scientifically proven). But if you play for the sake of DEAR country, you get all kind of unnecessary pressure! So, there we go, Chong Wei was definitely under the pressure of this DEAR country.

EVERY athlete should take a lesson or two from Nicol Davids. Just the look on her face (furious yet pretty), you know she plays it like a thru fighter – winning is self-redemption.

Just like when you secure a big contract for your company, doesn’t it feel so much more of an accomplishment to yourself rather than to the company?

So, as much as it SOUNDS BAD,

But then again, I think Chong Wei was awesome (till Final though. hehe).

Very true atreyu!

I don’t think Lee CW was playing for the country. He was on fire throughout the process. He wants to belt that no 1. title again.

If you have been in a competitive sports, you’d know what it felt like being dragged down by fans. One of the common-stupid question is, ‘apsal kalah?’ Darn, I used to get that a lot.

Nicol David furios? She looks cute all the time lah.

Stress is not a reason for LCW to lose the match. don’t you think LD got more stress. few billions ppl are hoping gold from him, somemore he is number 1 seeds. so, LD should have more stress than LCW. playing at home definitely got advantage but LCW really having a bad match yesterday. sad.

y r u so funny?? funny with sense though.. i’m one of them who was like bashing LCW during and right after the match because i was just soo damn disppointed. But not long later, i realised he did a great job by giving us a silver medal. I felt he could match Lindan in terms of skills (maybe not strength la.. LCW like ate too much hawker food – bad diet), but the fans were MAD!! Imagine EVERYONE in the stadium shouted ‘Lin Dan, Ka Yau’ (It means Lin Dan, add oil in Cantonese), who can withstand it?????!!!!! So I’m really glad that we made it for a silver. Its a great start! and now watching him has made me want to play badminton again. πŸ™‚

yea. most of what you predict sounds true
he’ll become another Malaysian Idol..
oops maybe Malaysian hero

its usual for people like us for the stage fright. I just couldn’t imagine if I was in his shoe. Everyone is cheering up for Lin Dan. I wonder where’s Malaysian crowd that night.

btw I’m proud of him too!

yes its cantonese.. was surprised too.. at first thought it was LCW’s fan.. then they began shouting LD super super loud.. it was like… the WHOLE stadium.. the most confident person can instantly lose it at that moment. really pity LCW.. he was like going to cry during the ceremony.. but throughout the tourney he was soooo calm and steady.

bukan mudah nak sampai ke final, itu satu hal. lepas tu nak dapatkan tempat pertama, satu hal lagi. hu3.

tapi memang pressure! dikelilingi penyokong pihak lawan bukan suatu perkara yang biasa.

apa pun tahniah kepada CW! nama Malaysia dijulang juga walau pun tempat ke 2. kira pencabar terdekat kan!? he3.

ps – len la time kita main rugby, secara berkumpulan :p

Nice write up! I think playing at home Lin Dan was also under a lot of pressure. It is just that Chong Wei couldn’t handle the pressure being the first Malaysian Olympic gold medal. ❓

congratz la. tp mmg org cine dah pagar stadium tue ngan hikmat kungfu mentadak. taleh nk wape. kalo LCW guna pki cheongsam akoo rasa oke kot. gold medal. πŸ˜†

p/s: byk btol akoo dpt hit kisah tldm gei tuh. pastu die lompat blog ko. hoho!

berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul

memang pressure giler kalau jadik chong wei malam tuh. hehe tapi kalau dah kena lead jauh camner la nak menang kan. hehe :halo:

apa2 pun tahniah la kat dia ! :mrgreen:

OWNED for 2mil, plus another 300k.. super kaya.

I mean come on la, if he was owned, he would have fought a bit. Show macam competitive, when actually jual game. You saw the match, totally kesian.

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