Why I Use Kakak?

Kak, yang ni tade warne lain?

She glared deeply, frustrated with the way I addressed her.

I noticed some (actually all) girls don’t like to be referred to as Kakak, it makes them feel old. Most girls are age conscious. They slapped on all these layers on anti-aging creams, Olay, SK II and what not, the least they’d expect is for someone who is obviously is much older, calling them Kakak. They had it aligned with the voodoo word, Andartu. Such a disgrace!

I use Kakak to show my respect. Adik is a classic term, equivalent to “Darling” or “Honey” but referred to female counterpart in a relationship. Examples can be found in classic Malay songs, “Mari-mari cik Adik. Mari-mari cik Abang~” which is sooo,.. EUW!

Similarly calling me Abang, again, EUW!

To every females out there, if a guy addresses you as Kakak, don’t be offended. Rest assured you have his highest utmost respect (other than the fact that you really do look old).

ps: Enjoy your Friday! Badminton anyone?

pss: Wicked!

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Oh. I like people calling me Kak (like what you did to me sometimes. Padahal I’m younger ok). ๐Ÿ˜€ When they call me Kak, literally means that I’m respected at any given situations. As simple as that.

Oh. Abang Eddie? No no. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

wahah. agreed with KS. suka aje kalau orang panggil “kakak”. TAPI, kalau untuk kes diya, hanya dibenarkan untuk lelaki sahaja yang boleh called me kakak. lelaki JER okeh. perempuan, boleh blah. hak hak hak.

kalau tak, by the right she said “kakak”, kite akan tengok dia macam nak telan orang time tu jugak. huh. say kakak once again, i cekik you!

p/s-except for my family, cousins and relatives. they used to call me “kakak” as always.

Yup, similarly to us girls, kalau kate camni “Abang, bagi air laici satu.” Some percieve that as gedik whereas takde niat pun.

So next time eddie, to be safe ; cube kate camni ” Ermmm…yang ni takde warne lain? ”

Both sides are happy. Problem solved! ^^

Abang Eddie? NOOOOO!!!~~ Only my youngest bro can call me that (substitute the word Eddie of course).

Faham. I do respect you Sarah. Although you are definitely younger, your maturity level is way beyond my grasp. It’ll come in handy when you meet your soon to be in laws ๐Ÿ˜›

Gedik! I was looking for that word!

I give you 2 sentences.

“Dik, bagi ice cream satu!” and “Kak, bagi ice cream satu”, which one should I use for you? Hahaha

Errmmm tu sungguh tak ke-timur-an. It’s either Kak or Makcik, nothing lower.

Oh. I wonder how does it sound like. Usually, family nicknames are always a bit funny.Terasa macam tau. Tapi macam dah lupa. Ke memang tak pernah tau ye? Huhu.

p/s: Mungkinkah Awin? Hahahah. Ok. Kidding. ๐Ÿ˜›

i usually refer to guys as Uncle instead of Abang (kalau abang, kang mule la menggataii esp bus drivers wahaha)

most of them seem ok with it n not offended but if i use Pakcik, some get offended hehehee

“Itโ€™s either Kak or Makcik, nothing lower.”

Thats fine for the girls, what about what to call guys?

Its either __?__ or Pakcik.

I end up getting straight to the point with either start with a salam (or ‘excuse me’), or in some cases, use Encik (situation/location dependant).

But like the previous comments, I’d rather guys (strangers) to refer to me as kak. Unless if we are already acquainted, by name without the prefix-kak is much more preferable (applies to both gender I guess).

dulu, aku kisah SANGAT kalau orang panggil aku ‘kakak’, terutamanya orang yg aku rasa dia lebih berusia dari aku.

tapi, sekarang ni, aku suka kalau orang panggil aku kakak.

Terasa mcm orang hormat pada kita.

Getting older, maybe?

Aku pernah panggil kakak dekat sales girl, tp lepas bayar dia ckp “terima kasih pakcik”, aku yg terkedu โ—

ps:alamak tua ker aku ni ๐Ÿ™„

bagi aku ia suatu penghargaan dan penghormatan kepada yang lebih berpengalaman dan matang dalam hidup mereka.

tapi jika seorang perempuan yang lebih dewasa dari aku tapi perangai cam bebudak, aku abaikan panggilan tu.

You know what did I do last night? I checked all the chatlogs in Gtalk. Muahaha. But I thought you don’t want people to know it. Hence I’m not posting it up here. So, saya dengan Aisyahkama seri la ye. ๐Ÿ˜€

FYI, I haven’t slept since the past 2 days. Can you imagine how my eyes are? Badly sunken. Macam panda! ๐Ÿ˜•

p/s: Setakat berapa kerat je chatlog tu, takde masalah.
p/ss: Scrabble on YM? Tunggu 2 bulan je lagi ok. 2 bulan je lagi! ๐Ÿ™‚

panggil kakak takpe lagi..

tapi kalau panggil puan, ta boleh terima sikit.
I’m NOT married yet laaa.. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ


p.s ini semua akibat tekanan dari students yang paksa kawen. ces~

Eh! Bole gang la kite. But then again, I don’t have an eye bag. So nothing much to worry. Once I’m done with Friday prayers, I’ll sleep the whole evening, weee~

ps: 2 bulan lagi? Mengasah bakat dulu? Bahaye ni.

kita jenis tak kisah.. nak panggil nenek pun hentam la.. haha.. tapi untung bagi yang tau eddie. bagi yang tak tau sebab kenapa awak panggil diorang kakak macam mana? ๐Ÿ˜‰

in my case, i always use sis or bro.. tapi ada jugak la yang tak pahey.. cets

I think it depends on how old the person who’s addressing u by that title…kalo diorg obviously looks older I wouldn’t like being called kak either…senang2 x yah panggil pape..

As for guys, now that I’m getting older, I find it easier to address them ‘dik’…tp bape ramai laa sgt guys yg sesuai dipanggil ‘dik’ pon…I think calling guys ‘dik’ removes the awkwardness…xde laaa budak tuh conscious tersipu2 plak kalo kite mintak pape…it’s becoming a habit calling guys ‘dik’ smp ade skali tuh my sister was like, “he’s obviously older than u!”(I think he’s at least 5 yrs older)

I think most of us don’t know that ‘puan’ is the title that can be used for a woman regardless if she’s married or not…’Puan’ & ‘Cik’ can be used interchangeably..both are used as a polite way of speaking to a woman…I read this in Dewan Sastera or Dewan Siswa some 10 years ago…
Anyway, when I’m old and it doesn’t sound right calling me “kak”…I would prefer people to address me as ‘puan’ rather than makcik…I think…hehehe

Bukan nak buat preparation nak lawan scrabble dengan awak. But I’ll graduating in 2 months time. Lepas tu dah bebas dari segala exam mak nenenk ni ^____^ also one of the others who don’t want to be call as kakak..seriously make me feel lie an old lady . btw this year like it or not I need to accept it when the guys call me kakak..Coz this year I start to realize I’m getting older than last year.(ssh betul nak terima kenyataan) ๐Ÿ™

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