Why I Use Kakak?

Kak, yang ni tade warne lain?

She glared deeply, frustrated with the way I addressed her.

I noticed some (actually all) girls don’t like to be referred to as Kakak, it makes them feel old. Most girls are age conscious. They slapped on all these layers on anti-aging creams, Olay, SK II and what not, the least they’d expect is for someone who is obviously is much older, calling them Kakak. They had it aligned with the voodoo word, Andartu. Such a disgrace!

I use Kakak to show my respect. Adik is a classic term, equivalent to “Darling” or “Honey” but referred to female counterpart in a relationship. Examples can be found in classic Malay songs, “Mari-mari cik Adik. Mari-mari cik Abang~” which is sooo,.. EUW!

Similarly calling me Abang, again, EUW!

To every females out there, if a guy addresses you as Kakak, don’t be offended. Rest assured you have his highest utmost respect (other than the fact that you really do look old).

ps: Enjoy your Friday! Badminton anyone?

pss: Wicked!

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66 replies on “Why I Use Kakak?”

betul…betul…betul…bagi saya juga…saya akan panggil akak/kakak utk pompuan yang saya tau dia tua dar saya aau dia muda tapi sudah berkahwin…semua tu sebagai tanda saya respek mereka…kadang2 terfikir juga diorang marah ke tidak sebab saya sentiasa berurusan dengan mereka (akak2 perpustakaan) dengan panggilan itu…saya juga akan panggil akak kalau saya lihat fizikalnya seperti emak budak (jika org itu saya baru kenal lah)… =)

kalo membeli ke…ade urusan rasmi kat bank or pjbt krjaan..etc,..elok pakai ‘cik’ je . tak pun, ‘miss’..
lebih formal. 😎

i can guarantee, no one will get mad.hoho 😉

I have never felt offended when I’m referred to as Kak 🙂 In fact sebenarnya I prefer it that way. It immediately puts me at ease because I know that I can count on this guy not to make lewd jokes or pandang/sengih pelik sampai rasa uncomfortable. Setuju, I take it as a sign of respect.

But I suppose it has a lot to do with the way people say it kot. Boleh je guna ‘adik’ or ‘abang’ without sounding gatal and what not. But to be on the safe side I make it a point to use ‘Encik’ instead 🙂

semestinya akak pilihan aku kalau berdepan dgn pompuan yang aku xtau asal usul die.sbg menunjukkan rasa hormat..

kadang2, depends juga pada muka.pernah terjadi, aku jumpa sorang relative nih, muka die dah mcm umo 50-an dah…tanpa segan silu aku panggil die ‘acik’.
rupanya die kazen aku, umo baru 30 this year.

penangan botox. :mrgreen:

Kakak for me is, as you said, a sign of respect, irregardless of married or not. These days, we can’t really tell their faces, thanks to the cosmetics, so the safest way is to call em ‘kak’. But I’m particular if they refer me as ‘Puan’ when they knew that I still hold ‘Cik’.

i hate the fact that when calling someone as abang/adik can sounds so euuuwww. but what if dah takde nama lain nak panggil them? takkan nak panggil “bro”. HAHA.

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