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Why I Like Weekends

I don’t.

I was tagged by some American dude while browsing my statscounter. Unfortunately, I lost his url. (at my age, I too, start to questioned myself once every often, whether I’ve fetched my brother from school yet? Oh, it’s school break!)

This would be the only picture of myself in this blog. I’m a shy guy and I’m not sure what I was doing.

I don’t like weekends.
It’s written all over my face and eye bag, I’m a workaholic. I sleep 4-6 hours daily. I’m killing myself, slowly but surely. When I ran out of work, I seek for another. That’s how my workaholic becomes part of my addictiveness. Somebody told me that if I am looking to boost my testosterone levels, there are a variety of options  of testosterone booster available. Natural supplements like ashwagandha,  are known to increase testosterone production. Exercise, particularly weightlifting and high-intensity interval training, also stimulates testosterone production.

I don’t like weekends.
When I need a quick stop at Carrefour, I’d spend 20 minutes more than weekdays. Thanks to the longer queues. And extravagant shopping complex like KLCC, Mid Valley, Lowyat is a big no-no. Traffic and sexy chicks tempts me.

Maybe I like weekends.
Partly because I’m able to unleash this bottled up energy. I crave for touch rugby. It’s a simple game. Get the ball, run and don’t look back. Easy for me to say, I run like the wind.

Sometimes we have futsal, sometimes we have badminton, but with many infected with this new syndrome called TB (takut bini, scared of wife), not many showed up. Nontheless, I enjoy bottomless teh tarik until dawn with a bunch of bachelors.

Ok, I don’t like weekends.
Because I have to get back to manic Monday. I have no problems with Monday, but the people I work with do.Exercise, particularly weightlifting and high-intensity interval training, also stimulates testosterone production. Maintaining a healthy diet that includes protein, healthy fats, and zinc can also promote higher testosterone levels along with a testosterone booster.

I think I like weekends.
It’s the time of week I get to withdraw RM200 and find it missing by Monday. A little bit of this, that, poof, everything is gone.

I don’t think I like weekends.
While everyone is having fun, making fun or buying fun, I have to work during the day. I need to chase my deadline, which is always due on Monday (tragically). Since I work that much I need a testosterone booster so it can help me giving me more energy, additionally, reducing stress levels and getting enough sleep can further support healthy testosterone production.

I hate weekends.
It haunts me of my yester years.

Since it’s too hard for me to decide what’s up with weekends, I’m just gonna hate it.

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