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Why I Changed from Maxis to Digi!

In case you don’t know, I changed my mobile plan from Maxis to Digi and I’ve been meaning to write about this for a very long time.

I’ve been with Maxis since it’s inception in 1999. After 11 years, I gave up this bitterness affair. It’s pointless. As a loyal partner, I deserve better, especially if I’ve been paying almost RM100 monthly. Why the change?

Why I Changed from Maxis to Digi! 1

1. Cost Issue

With Maxis, I had to call them every time the bill arrives. There’s always some hidden charges that’s not mine. There was once, my bill peaked RM300 ++. It was due to GPRS and my phone is not even Internet capable! It was ok if I had to called once in a while, but it’s not fucking ok, if I had to call them MONTHLY. Such a waste of time.

2. Family or Supplementary Line

With Maxis, it’s only 15 hours of free calls between Principal (me) and Supplementary and RM 30 commitment fees. Digi offers unlimited calls at only RM15 commitment fees. If you’re the type of person who likes to ‘gayut‘ with your girl, this is the best way to do it. Oh and, free MMS and SMS too 😉

3. Barred Phone

Shitty Maxis won’t allow you to call them if your phone is barred! Even if you were to inform them of your payment, you’d have to use a different phone! How fucking stupid is that? If you know your client is owning you money, it’ll be in your best interest to listen to them for any arrangement/adjustment, not totally block them. So for Customer service, NEGATIVE!

Digi, well.. I haven’t got barred yet.

4. Rewards

Being loyal for 11 years doesn’t pay off. I only knew that calls to other Maxis on your birthday are free when I changed to Digi from a friend. All this while, they did not bother to inform me of any rewards. They like to keep their customer in the dark kot? Other benefit? Not ever! As for Digi, non yet still too early.

Simpler Calculation

Maxis: RM 50 plan + RM 30 supplementary = RM 110.
You’ll have to fight for the difference every month and you don’t even know what’s it for! Talk about integrity..

Digi: RM50 plan + RM15 supplementary = RM 65.
That’s more like it. Make small money but honest 😉

Those four reasons are good enough for me to jump boat. Maxis don’t need my shitty money, it’s ok, I’ll give it to someone else. When will they learn, that telco business is about trust? I guess they won’t.

Although I have to admit, I often get drop call especially while driving (changing base station to another) but that’s just a pinch and it doesn’t really bother me.

ps: German 3rd place. Not bad for a very young team

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74 replies on “Why I Changed from Maxis to Digi!”

Imamkhalid, are you suggesting celcom? Let me tell all of you a bit about celcom..

I’ve been charged RM60.40 for “USING” the internet last 2 months, whereas in reality I NEVER use the internet on my mobile phone. I either use the internet connection in my office or the one I subscribe at home with TM.

The best part I had the same problem before, where I was charged for around RM30 if I’m not mistaken and during that time my sim card and my phone were not internet compatible. So how on earth can I be using the internet?

Yet this month again to no surprise I was charged for “USING” the internet plus GPRS. Even though this month is not as much as the last but still. Why am I being charged for something I did not use?

The best part from all of these is the customer service. When I called them up asking them about this, this guy “INSISTED” it was MY mistake and not theirs. Does he take me as a fool for not knowing whether I’m surfing the internet on my phone or not. So in a way he was calling me a LIAR. When I asked for the details of my usage.The reply was: “We can’t give them to you because we don’t keep them” Don’t you think it is a bit odd for charging people for their money yet no detail is being kept?.

Really wish I could take this matter to the higher authority.There should be people in charged on this problem; because we, the customers are being cheated by these so called service providers who are apparently stealing from us in broad daylight.

Really wanted to let off steam for quite sometime already.. Hope Noktahhitam won’t mind.. sorry if I sound a bit pissed of coz I am..

That’s the thing dear.. I’m having a problem to decide which provider to change to.. Coz I need a provider that has a very good coverage, especially in the East Coast. So was thinking of Digi but then the coverage is lousy..So unfortunately I’m still stuck with with this b****y Celcom..

wow thanks so much. this made my mind

my current maxis 50 + 30 = 100 dunno why, read the bill upside down and inside out I still don’t understand what the extra charges are for

when I call the customer service, I get different answer everytime, I have a feeling it will be useless to go to the centre to argue as well

I’ve been using maxis postpaid since 2003, I guess it’s really time to change

my concern now is that when I want to switch to digi, definitely maxis will give me a hard time returning my deposit (RM250) back to me,

what should I do ya? should I wait until my bill match the deposit and then chow? but then again digi said to make sure all bills with previous telco is clear ..

I am also a new convert to Digi. Maxis must be cash strapped now or really desperate to squeeze every single juice they can from the consumer. I was billed $12k plus for 5 days of roaming charges on my recent overseas trip even though i had roaming data plan. Yes, you got it right, $12,000.00 plus! They simply told me it is dangerous for you to use smart phone while roaming cause data are being downloaded all the time. I m sure there are a lot others caught in this precadiment. Sure wish to share this with anybody out there?

12K? Are they insane? Who would want to pay that kind of money? Just walk away. There’s nothing they can do to you.

The downside of Digi is the irregularity in bandwidth. Sometimes connected sometimes you dont. And dont expect much when you work in a high rise building. The quality of voice when using 3G connection is pretty bad. I hardly knew what the other party was saying.

Well, A little drop in calls quality would definitely hurt less then then paying 12k to the sucker. There must be many others caught in the same situation, would really like to join them to initiate an action against this Telco so that they don’t do this anymore!

that’s true….. maxis have a lot of hidden charges…
last time dpt bil around rm400++ include rm200 for the data charges yg ntah dr mane ntah….. dh try complain, n pihak maxis nk siasat. They said will be answer in 3 days…. tp habuk pun xde…
agak2 kalau just terminate jew line tue n biarkan jew, ade ape2 risk x?

Hmmm.. kene terminate betul2. Karang die continue je charge ko, padahal tak pakai.

Tapi kalau nak transfer ke Digi or Celcom, kene settle bill sampai habis dulu. Tu pon kalau nak carry nombor same la. Kalau tak, tulis surat utk terminate. Pastu cari nombor lain. Kalau die pow jugak ko bill tertunggak, buat tatau la kot.

Hidden NINJA byk sgt la. Tak tahan dgn Maxis

nk terminat acc0unt kene buat surat ke @ just ke maxis center? kalau buat surat tue nk hantar ke mane plak?

Thanks!!! You helped me lots… esp thinking to get BB. Bila tgk the packages from Maxis…. mahal gila! Premium apa tah agaknya…. premium roast!

I second that but it does help my business lots. I already got mine switched and the BB too 🙂 for a bargain price. Thanks for your brilliant post!

p/s: tapi digi center kat BTS cam pasar borong… hihihi

Have to disagree. When we talk about roaming charge, it’s neither both telco helps. Both are expensive.

I’d rather use international simcard and activate Flexiroam service, a prepaid basis UNLIMITED time only RM10 perday.. No more thousands bills in normal local telco..

Me too a victim of MAXIS. overcharges on data packets without my knowledge. Being a loyal customer for more than 17 years, what special threatment do I get ? For those who are using MAXIS, better think TWICE. I am very disappointed and now I switched to DIGI for good.

i’m trapped!!!help me, just viewed my bill, it cost me rm390 for 2 weeks usage..the reason i bought maxis iphone package coz the phone price is cheap..i have another 11 months contract to go but im so frustrated plan: “i dont want to pay/continue the balance of the contract!!!”thought of like lari x mau bayar..any after event impact that I might face later on???

If you run away, your name will be blacklisted. I think Telco’s have union when it comes to blacklisting customer.

The problem with iPhone, it keeps downloading data all the time. It seems to be Maxis fault, but Ive been told, they blame the customer. Kinda shitty kan? Best you can do is turn the data if you’re not using it.

Lepas baca ni, i have decided to change to digi… 13 tahun jd maxis customet, ive realised that im paying more Every mth…no worthy rewards except for paying more for hardly calling n surfing within the 500gb limit..thanks for the info… Kali ni confirmtukar pi digi..

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