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Why Boycott Israeli Product?

This is my social obligation, to torch gray matters.

I’m sure you’re dead bored, hearing this topic looming on every single tube out there, I know I am. Life4Hire, Khai, MenJ, Kavilan and many more from Negaraku. But I’m not so shallow to just boycott without probe.

Many are pulling out Quranic verse, stench of racism towards Jews, lauding Islamic unity or turning this into a religion thing. But I’m going to step back and allow you to think without prejudice.

So this is my take.

Quick Fact: US aid to Israel, $3 Billion per year, $1.2 Billion for economic growth and $1.8 Billion for military aid 😯

Why boycott Israel?
Easy, to end oppression and occupancy in Palestine. Boycott is nothing new, it ended Apartheid in South Africa. International pressure should have a direct impact on them.

What’s the point of boycotting, if US and German are aiding them?
We can’t do anything about the aid but we can reduce company’s profit. These companies will soon learn that they need forfeit their investment, else losing the entire International market. Investments cultivates Israel’s economic growth. Like any other country, military is the biggest allocated fund.

So, lesser profit = no investment = lower funds for military = No Oppression!

Why do these company bank their money on Israel?
Instant profit. Per capita Israeli roughly equates to $20k, $14k from US and $6k from Germans. That’s about RM70k per year, RM5.8k per month, per person. And that does not include their own income.

Do you earn RM6k per month without doing anything? Neither do I.

Why Germany aid Israel?
According to Luxembourg Agreement, 1952. 3 Main reasons.

  • Restitution to Nazi victims
  • Restitution for property confiscated by the Nazis that cannot be restored or returned
  • Other categories outside the field of Holocaust restitution.

Now you know why Germans despise Hitler, he didn’t wipe out every Jew 😈

Wouldn’t boycotting hurt local business and household income?
The cute cashier at McD Setiawangsa is on the payroll, if they can’t break even, they’ll roll up and she’ll lose her job, so as the entire staff. Poor cutey.

The bigger picture, there’ll be demand for fast food and this is the best chance for local businesses and entrepreneurs to penetrate the market. These revenue streams will be channeled back to our nation. Now, isn’t that patriotic?

*This does not govern fast food only but to everything else.

Quick Fact: No Coke in Arab, instead Zamzam cola and they’re successful. And you thought it’s a cheap imitation of Coke. Lame 😐

Why don’t we just boycott Jews?
That would be a racist. Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is a Jew. Google, Sergey Brin is a Jew. Apple, Steve Job is half Jew.

The point of boycotting is TO STOP buying from companies that openly support Israel. Don’t be a thick head and blame every Jew out there. They too, hate inhumane acts.

How do I know what to boycott?
Go to You can click the logo and learn more about them. By far the most accurate listing. Forget about forwarded email. I even saw them include PLUS, yeah the toll concessionaire. What the heck?

– – –

In all honesty, I deeply and sincerely hope you boycott, even if it means drooling over Prosperity burger, Chicken McNugget and curly fries.

ps: There goes my dream of owning Nokia 5800.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

98 replies on “Why Boycott Israeli Product?”

Good job buddy. :up:
Sorry bout the Nokia but there’s loads of other good phones out there. I’m sure u’ll find (a diff) one u’d learn to love.

I already gave up on Nescafe. I am planning to get something else as a replacement for it. Luckily, I am not keen on McD or any related fast food mentioned. But adoi. PLUS???

We feel reluctant to boycott them because almost all of their products affects our life. If the boycott is successful, it’ll be like starting a whole new world.

The brains of the jew is made smart by nature. They have ruled the world, since 1948.

Hating the Jews is not racist. It is already stated in the Qur’an.

“Mereka diliputi kehinaan dimana saja mereka berada,…dan mereka kembali mendapat kemurkaan dari Allah dan mereka diliputi kerendahan. Yang demikian itu karena mereka kafir kepada ayat-ayat Allah…” (Ali Imran 112).

Except for those converted and reliable.

“…kecuali jika mereka berpegang kepada tali (agama) Allah dan tali (perjanjian) dengan manusia…” (Ali Imran 112).

In the Qur’an also said that history will repeat itself (among the Jews). They will strike, and we will strike back. The time will come. Soon.

one more thing, i heard in one ceramah, if u ALREADY own a NOKIA phone, dont throw it away and tell your dad to buy a new phone. it’s a waste. just stick to it and after it broke, buy a non-nokia brand phone..

yer mari kite boikot semua yg terlibat ngn israel!
sape pkai IBM sile tukar
sape pkai intel pon tuka
sape guna bank yg pkai kompiter intel sile jgn guna bank tu lagi
jgn gi mekdi
jgn minum coke
jgn mkn keju kraft
sape keje kt company related ngn yahudi sile benti keje
pasni nak makan sile cucuk tanam blkg umah
takde baju bugil jek
susah sgt duduk rumah jgn kluar2 lagik

I didn’t agree with some of your points. To me, banning jews (“Except for those converted and reliable”) is not racist. Following what Quran has clearly stated is not ‘membabi buta’. Coz Allah knows ALL and we human just know a little.

Do you think those verses are simply put in Quran without any solid reasons?

Sorry coz I understand you didn’t want to relate ur entry with Quran verses but hmm.. at this point, I think what has been clearly stated in Quran is solid enough for me to start boycotting jews’ products.

And I wonder how can u differentiate between good Jews and bad Jews. Jews are Jews. We say, Yahudi Laknatullah which refers to all not just some of them.

i am in full agreement with your words on the food industry. everyone needs food. let’s boycott their food.

we do have our own very good food around. u name it we have it all.

ala best apa makan masakan kampung kan….

so go for jalan2 cari makan & cuti2 malaysia.

discover your own country. our own food.

I understand your decision to not including Quranic verse, which will make this a religion thing.

Because the Palestin issue does not belong to Muslim alone. It is an universal issue. How could any human accept the act of killing innocent lives, including women and children?

So, wether you are Chinese, Indian, Malay, whoever; let’s boycott Israeli product for the sake of humanity 🙂

hehehehe. its going to be hard but if we are persistent enough we can make it. as they say “sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit”.

the cutey lose her job and then she works with the local fast food stores. hehehe

Nak berperang tak mampu, boycott ni pun jihad tanda kita org Islam yg bersatu. 😥

ps:yahudi memanggil org yg bukan yahudi kafir dan darah mereka halal di bunuh, sbb tu mereka bunuh semua yang lemah dan berkawan dgn yg kuat terutama org Islam.

pss: patut la banyak nabi dikalangan mereka, sbb jahat dan degil sangat mereka ni

aha. i’d rather shoot myself than being a secular. let truth be told.

but as always, it ignites religious flame. well its your blog. sorry. didnt see your aforementioned claim.

Unless you have a job an equivalent job ready for the poor sods who lose their jobs due to your boycott, you better shut up. You DO NOT HAVE the right to mess with the lives of others unless you are willing to be directly responsible for the consequences. Are you?

So what do you thinks if they had successfull clonning
Adilf Hitler? and right now he’s growing in 13th ages??
Wow… maybe in 20 years from now on… he will wipe
those crap again. 😀

then you’re talking about the Nokia products.. men…
Am I need to throw my N95?? You must be kidding on
me… I bought RM2.5k men for the new arrival one
past few years. How do I know those business managed
by Nokia was support the ISRAEL m***r f**ker????

*some times I also blame my self… but it’s happened
men… the past have been written. Shame on me 🙁

It’s look like I’ve to be carefull next time. RM2.5k I’ve
wasting to kill my own “bro n sis” Prays to GOD.
Forgave me…. I don’t know it was Connected by
<– shits~


just to be clear…post aku bukan pasal boikot Yahudi mainly…sebenarnya post balasan aku pada seseorang…dia cakap boikot Arsenal sbb Arsenal sokong Yahudi which aku tak tahu kat mana dia punya link, sedangkan kalau nak kira dlm konteks Yahudi, Malcolm Glazer tokey Man U tuh sendiri Yahudi n mamat tuh sokong Man U.

for the record, aku tak mencadangkan boikot satu2 produk sbb tuan punya dia berbangsa Yahudi, tp kalau company tuh sendiri yang menyumbangkan kepada Israel untuk serang Palestin, itu kita memang patut boikot.

From, korang patut usha sebab tuh the latest page diorang. alone is still page yg lama. And Arsenal postpone plan to promote Israel as destination for tourists as in December 2006 news sbb boycott dari fans…who says boycott tak berjaya? Arsenal is getting money from Israel to promote them as destination, not giving out money to them. I wonder if anyone wants to go to Israel/Palestine given the current situation except journalists and relief aids?

Pendekatan yang bagus Eddie. At first I was like what’s the difference between Jews and Israelis? Bukankah mereka sama sahaja.. Tapi bila kita read your entry ni balik and went through all the comments sekali lagi then I realize satu benda walaupun apa yang kita dapat from your entry ni may be differ from apa yang you nak buat or sampaikan…

When it comes to nak memboycott Israeli’s products, tak semestinya kita mengharapkan Muslims sahaja. Issue Palestine bukan issue Islam alone, tetapi, betullah apa yang MK cakap, ia melibatkan humanity. Tak kisah la Chinese, India, Christians, Hindu, Buddha, or apa shj races and agama.. They are all humans. Jika mereka ada belas dalam diri, they’ll work on it together jugak (boycott Israeli’s products).. This is the least that we can do kan? And apart from boycotting, prolly we can make people aware about the real thing, apa sebenarnya berlaku so that they’ll be more prihatin about it and act as a real human yang ada hati dan perasaan..

By reading all the news and tengok pics of our dearest brothers and sisters di Palestine hanya membuatkan air mata mengalir. And I watched a video in YT, bila kita tengok budak tu meraung sakit, I was like Ya Allah kesakitan yang kita rasa sebab tak selesa dengan guna products selain barangan Israelis tak sedasyat kesakitan yang diorang tanggung. I am mean! Jahat… Dan kita pernah tengok satu video nie jugak, a Palestinian man cakap dia akan tuntut pada Muslim di akhirat nanti atas kehilangan setiap nyawa mereka. Secara halusnya, kita yang bunuh mereka Eddie! Pasal kita sumbangkan duit pada Israel.

P.s: Panjang gilerrrr 😛

P.s.s: Scha and Irfan mungkin marah sangat kot. Dont expect them to understand you Eddie.. C’mon.. We are Muslims kan? Takkan sesama Muslims nak bertekak.. Mungkin pendekatan kita berbeza, perjuangan masih sama kan?

P.s.s.s: Israel tak akan wujud tanpa Jews. (I know, you knew it better than me.. But let’s just put this thing aside. It’s about humanity) 😉

Kat luar sana, masyarakat yang mengecam tindakan Israel ni tak mengira bangsa. Islam, Kristian, Atheist, malah dari kalangan Yahudi sendiri (Yahudi anti-Zionis).

Tak tau sebab apa kita kat Malaysia ni jadikannnya isu sesama Muslim je. Lebih teruk lagi, bila parti politik berlainan buat demonstrasi berlainan. Adoi weh, tolong la keluar dari ketaksuban parti ni.

@Kak Nono: Bak kata Kak Sarah, minum Nescafe macam minum darah lak.

You can’t differentiate between Jews and Israel can you? Once you do that, then feel free to comment again.

ps: It has nothing to do with my blog or your blog. I’m talking about a cat, while you talk about penguin.

Alaa bro, ko sokong Arsenal pon beli jersey tak ori. So tak kesah la bro. Ko terlalu terase sgt kenape?

Yahudi and Israel adalah 2 golongan yang berbeza. SILA teliti.

ps: Aku main agak je ko beli jersey tak ori.

Think a litte. Takkan nak buat phone yg ade. Since you already contributed profit to Nokia, just use it. In similar case, I have a Vaseline lotion, unopened. Should I throw it away for the sake of boycott? No. I already paid for it.

kalo kita dok boikot boikot x beli.. tapi penjual x boikot pulak nak menjual barang2 tu.. haaa.. tu lagi satu masalah.. tak gitu.. kalo diorang x jual, mane ade org nak beli kan..

.. And the funny part is, masa buat demonstration tempoh hari, seolah2 bangsa lain tak boleh nak join. Sorry to say Muslims nowadays terlalu bodoh dan bongkak dan keras kepala. Yes I am a Muslim too, tapi insha Allah I’ll try my best untuk tidak menjadi sesetengah Muslims yang terlalu extreme. Unless, bila keadaan dah menjadi teruk dan mendesak saya untuk menjadi extreme. 😉

Hurm, I read jugak fews of non-Muslims blogs. Ada jugak yang seolah-olah mentertawakan tentang usaha untuk memboycott nie. Mungkin kurang faham apa yang kita cuba nak usahakan barangkali. See, a lot of people out there masih kurang pendedahan about this particular matter. And yes Eddie saya perasan apa yang awak highlightkan dalam entry nie.

TO STOP buying from companies that openly support Israel

Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih. Bak kata Barrack Obama, Yes we can! 😉

Lamanye tak komen kat sini.

I support your cause of creating humanity awareness, instead of making it a religious issue. Hear me out a sec. Remember the attacks of 9/11, and muslims all over the world went under siege because of these “Islamist terrorism” activities.

And all over the world, muslims were subjected to hate crimes and prejudice, because of what happened in New York that fateful morning. I’m sure none of us, muslims or not, agreed to the acts of the Al-Qaeda. But nobody wanted to understand that. To everyone else, Muslims = terrorists, Terrorists = Muslims.

Now that a Muslim country is under attack, again, everyone wants to make it a religious issue. I personally heard someone say “Good for those muslims, they had it coming.” Heck, I’m no fan of Israel and Evil Knievel Jews either, but I don’t go about condemning every Jew in the world for it.

What happened to humanity? The blood that binds the human race?

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