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Whom Should I Support for Euro?

I meant to write the cons of fuel hike, but I think you all know the drill, harga barang naik etc. So I’m just gonna write about the most talked topic, EURO 2008.

Friend J : Aku sokong Spain!
NoktahHitam : On what basis?
Friend J : I think they rock.

Friend Q : German all the way!
NoktahHitam : Did you know Podulski was born in Poland?
Friend Q : No.. was he?

Friend M : Portugal babe! I want to see Figo.
NoktahHitam : Figo retired la.
Friend M : Really?

How do you support a team?

Based on Nationality. You weren’t was born there. So hush.
Based on Country. Almost all have never been to the country they supported.
Based on Education.
Most would say England, but they didn’t qualify. WTH.
Based on Popularity.
It’s football, it’s a sports. Not American Idol or AF.
Based on Players
. Looks? Skills? I don’t know.

Some of you, don’t even know how to kick a football, have yet to own a football or watch football so you appear manly. In all honesty, football is a game to play, not to watch. So sleep early, when you wake up, Google the results. Go to office and ask everyone around,”Did you watch the match? It’s interesting right?”, so you are seen as the GUY.

I hate the FRANTIC football fans. If you support a team, you don’t have to talk about this player, that player, that team, this team, England bodoh, German tak reti main bola, Turkey slow. Let me ask you something, how far did your football skills take you? Wakil Rumah? Wakil Sekolah? Wakil Daerah? or only Wakil Diri?

So shut up. I don’t want to know. If I need to know everything there is about a player or a team, I’ll Google it. Okay?

ps: There, I’ve said it   😀

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28 replies on “Whom Should I Support for Euro?”

yeay! Eddie rocks! 😀

haha. I usually fall asleep in the first 3 minutes of watching football and only woken up by the loud scream of my friends when a team goals. but that’s just once. hehe.

I know absolutely NOTHING about football. I seriously think it’s too boring to watch. Unless, if you have soemone you actually know in person in it, then it might be interesting. 😛

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aku sokong italy…reason ? psl hazriq racun aku time WC98..ko sokong france lg ? ingat x time final euro2k..kita dua ekor jer kaler muka kt koleq..italy kalah…aku tros demam panas …. f**k…aku nak cari balik gambar tuh..nak letak kt blog..kalau ada lg kt umah la..

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Aku sokong France sbb Zidane. Zidane blah, aku sokong England. Walaupun orang kutuk macam babi, aku terpakse akur, sbb aku rase sense of belonging. Same cam team Perak la.

True, but it takes great talents and great amount of efforts to be a good commentator. Rizal Hashim (ex Berita Harian) is one fine example.

Bro, if you and me were good, we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing. We’d be playing for Malaysia. 😀

‘football is a game to play, not to watch’
sgt setuju!!!!!!! :up: :up: :up: 😀
tak paham ape yg best nye tgk bola.

hey there,

I’ll say football/soccer is a game to play and watch. Tell me, what’s the average age of people that travel to Swiss & Austria to see world class football being played? Ones who watch from home?

As a whole, my take would be people who watch includes those old ex-players that can’t no longer play competitive football because of physical restrictions, blah blah blah. So the point is, it’s unfair to leave out those who can no longer play or used to play.

Anyway, I salute the great controversial topic. It makes people (like me) can’t resist to leave a comment.

For men/women who don’t enjoy it. Then shut it. Soccer is the most popular and currently still, sports and I feel bad that you guys missed it. I understand not everyone must enjoy it, just like how I don’t understand why women need so much shoes and handbags. I never understand it doesn’t mean I have to condemn it, right?

ermm… THEY said a single neat goal gives such passion.

p/s: I don’t give a damn on any football match. thehe 😛
p/ss: Cheerleading is way more fun! :XO:

haha bong… aku pun wakil sekolah jer.. tapi bukan bola sepak, tapi bola tampar wahaha .. sekolah aku dulu tak bagi perempuan main bola sepak :down:

Aku sokong German, pasal ada Ballack, Podolski dan Klose hehe .. oh hensem² belaka! :XO: muawahhahah

p.s: Aku tengok result at livescore dot com.. habit! LOL

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It’s the football season again! You’ve made really valid points up there, especially when you mentioned that it’s brainless to support a team just because you think players have good looks or that they’re famous. Football is a sport, iand just like any other sport, what really matters is whether the player is skilled and experienced, whether a team has strong bonds among members that determines a good match.

I hate it when football gets increasingly commercialised! Like how beer commercials are tied to rugby and soccer matches. No offence, but I think it’s precisely the commercialisation part that’s eroding the sportsmanship away from sport players. Usually popular, famous players will get endorsements and advertising contracts (which means a bulging bank account) – and to get famous, many players will go by any means to do that… 😮

Oh and what really disgusts me is the violent fans of soccer. Hooligans, we call them. It’s not only limited to soccer but to a range of other popular sports. There will be many fights and brawls breaking up around stadiums whenever people feel that the verdict of the match is unjust – people get hurt and even get killed. Can you believe that even players got assassinated just because they’ve scored an own goal or caused the team to lose the title? It’s puzzling why people go to such means to express their frustration and anger – come on, football is a sport and NOT a game, NOT a gamble. Players dictate the match, not fans.

teddY’s last blog post..Amalgamation of the geekiest stuff

thank u for saying it on the behalf of orang2 yang tak tengok bola but read about the result the very next morning.

thank u!!

“football is a game to play, not to watch” is soooo trueee.
i’m gonna quote u again.

cripple brain’s last blog post..coretan rasa hati


do you play competitive football at all? I am not being sarcastic at all but trust me, there are huge difference playing at home and away. It could be just psychological factor or familiarity advantage, but still if that affects emotions and reactions of players; such as fans, then with out doubt it counts as the catalyst.

I do understand the opinion that players are the key factor, but then again we need to see the bigger picture. Good players with bad management (coaching) won’t win tourneys and cups. I’ll say things such fans pushes those already talented or hardworked players motivation to play harder and better on the pitch.

My mum likes Ballack ‘cos she happened to watch a match between Chelsea & ……. (can’t remember the other club) in London in late January 2008 from the VIP box of Chelsea Club. He scored the only goal in that match!

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ko tau kan, Sorsurus ni Medea aka Mior sorsorsorsory.

Well, aku sokong Perak, sbb aku menimba ilmu kat sane. Lagi pon, kawasan aku ni agak aneh. Kate Sgor, tp address KL. Kate kawasan MPAJ, tp DBKL kutip sampah. Disebabkan aku berbelah bahagi, aku sokong Perak je la nak mudahkan cite. 😀

Pembaris Crew,

I dont recall Teddy said anything about Home and Away game?

do you play competitive football at all? << this is already sarcastic. Im not defending teddy, but I dont like contradiction in speech. Especially glaring ones. Hooligans. They exist because they are intoxicated (more beer cans and bottles compared to softdrinks). They pay a lot to travel. They also bet all their savings for their team to win. So when they gave it all, the players should gave theirs too. Hence, sports should never involve money. But thats impossible.


like i said I asked and I know if it’s misinterpret it’ll sound like a sarcasm. Believe me I was hoping for his experience for my example. About away or home game stuff, I was giving another point that he might miss.

Also, I mentioned I don’t understand shoes/handbag stuffs, so the same goes for others. I don’t understand why he can’t … to be continued really have to go..

Aku sokong skuad oranje..Pasal semangat sepasukan serta total football mereka. Memang dari dulu aku sokong mereka. And, yes, tak perlu terer main bola untuk komen pasal bola.Tapi, yang penting, ada knowledge.Jangan membabi buta tanpa buat research sudahla.Eddie, ko kat perak sekolah maner dulu?

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p.crew, nope I don’t play any form of competitive sports instead 🙂 anyway what I’ve said is purely my personal perception of competitive soccer, and being a person who’ve never played competitive sports before, my comment might sound awkward to insiders, but that’s what I think about the commercialisation of football and it’s applicable ethical framework.

For the home and away stuff, I don’t know much about that except for a few handy statistics from Reader’s Digest that the referee might be more biased towards the home team. That’s what I know about competitive soccer, nothing more… 😮 Maybe I shall start reading more about it.

Anyway NH, thanks! 😀

teddY’s last blog post..teddY-risatioN™ Zeta Released!


sorry for the unfinished reply. It has been a long week here hehe. Anyway, I don’t feel like continuing what I wanted to say earlier (let alone I have forgotten what I want to say). About the question I asked earlier, yeah I was wondering if you had any those experiences because that experiences might help explain why this and that. I was trying to bring you “there” if you had any of those exp.

Since you answered no to it, I guess it’s one of those things that you need to learn and know by experience, you know? again sorry if it surrounds by sarcasm. I never ever intended it like that, it was more of a direct question.

You are very right in your own stand point and I never say you were wrong. I respect and appreciate the comment and idea too. Anyway, nice to know you.

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