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Who Is NoktahHitam?

I’m guessing 90% couldn’t comprehend my previous post. Pardon me for wrongly asking before. It should’ve been, what and who is NoktahHitam?

Have you ever heard voices in your head telling you this and that? When you try your best to weigh the pros and cons? When you feel down and something (or rather someone) pushing you from behind?

I’m not schizophrenic nor a psychology expert but my gut instinct tells me it’s my sub conscience mind.

Picture this; a friend tells you he got a promotion. Provided you are well mannered, you’d congratulate him, common courtesy. On the other hand, you start worrying about his work load, stress level and feel a little envy.

Or; you want to buy an iPhone. You have the resources and you’ve been yearning to look cool amongst colleague but is it a necessity when all you need is to SMS and make calls?

Or; your boss exploded, you were his careless victim. You sat in your mini-scale cubicle, murmuring while replaying the scene. Only this time, you were the boss. MUAHAHAHAHAHA, the evil laugh echoed your head.

Triple the process, that how things work up here.

I have friends telling me off, when I said NH and Eddie are 2 completely different characters. I don’t blame them for not being able to digest.

Noktah Hitam exists in everyone of you. So feel free to rename him.

In my previous post I wrote, So long old friend. “Sayang isteri, tinggal-tinggalkan“, replace isteri with diri, you’d understand the whole post.

Yes, I’m staying. So stop sending motivating mails. I’ll ask for it when I’m dying.

ps: I am trying to merge all my 3 characters. I hope it’ll work

pss: If it doesn’t, I’ll gleefully be NH, wee~

psss: Aeropama quits. *pat pat* I understand bro.

pssss: The first in 4 years, that butterfly feeling! Will it last?

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

44 replies on “Who Is NoktahHitam?”

merging 3 characters in 1 + butterfly feeling + this entry sounds happy = ahha. mcm ada sesuatu πŸ™‚ bagus bagus.

yayy! i thought right!!

anyway whichever identity ur goin for this time, i bet it wud still have that charm, wit and cynical bias NH always had

and congrats for the butterflies!!!

Why the need to merge all three (or more?) personalities? I don’t know about you, but I create specific alter egos to deal with specific issues/environments/situations/people/etc.

Butterflies feeling. It is very possible bro. Perhaps, I never tell you a story. A true story πŸ™‚ It’s time.

3 is enough for me.

The more I write, the more I’ll hurt people. I just want to take full responsibility of my action.

Also, I realized, NH starts to thicken. I dont want it to swallow me.

since it actually exist, i would consider noktah hitam :vangry: as my wicked alter ego while koma putih πŸ‘Ώ is the angle one,

maybe it’s not about merging kot bro
i think kena use NH, eddie, edwin accordingly
could be one at a time, 2 or maybe all at once
depending on the situation,
one character tu mungkin akan lebih dominant

too much of something is just as bad as nothing

aku suka penulis yang menggarapkan apa yang berlaku seharian sebagai nukilan penulisan mereka.

kau sendiri punyai kemampuan sendiri yang dapat menghidupkan suasana blog itu sendiri dan ruang untuk perbincangan yang lebih terjamin.

Ok, for this post, I say I come here for all the cute, cuddly, nice guys :up: :up: :up: (one thumb for each of you, now now don’t fight over it boys).

i’m always amused by eddie. *peewit* edwin kinda bore me *LOL* . NH annoys me haha. but the other ‘me’ likes NH the most.

ahaha, i’m not having split personality. i have bipolar disorder. i’d pretty much understand the many different facet that people have. such a relief to divide them rather than mix them all up. chaotic~ πŸ˜€

So here’s the low down.

If Eddie is cuddly, and NH is predictably a nice guy with an emo facade (you know, fighting for them nice guys and all), that leaves Edwin as the one who is…cute, right?

Come on, female docs! What more can you ask for in a man! :XO:

Hi Noktah Hitam..
I nak ucapkan terima kasih pasal lawatan you kat blog I tadi..Bangga gak lah dengan kehadiran avatar you kat sana..since I have respect on your writing skill and of course your identity consistent with this unique theme WP since year 2006.

Dedulu I ingatkan you ni fans Rock Band Sepultura or thing related with Black Metal..tapi bila baca entry you kat blog nih salah apa yg I fikir memula.

Apapun untuk awak happy blogging dan selamat maju jaya..

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