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When I Grow Up, I Want to Join MCKK

MCKK, when I grow up

My youngest brother, told me, he wants to join MCKK. I asked a few more questions to unravel his intention.

NoktahHitam: Why do you want to go to MCKK?
Muhammad: Because you’ve made real friends there.
NoktahHitam: You can make friends everywhere.
Muhammad: No. MCKK is different. You guys would die for each other.
NoktahHitam: That’s just a metaphor. In reality, no friend would die for you.
Muhammad: You would.
NoktahHitam: You know for sure that MCKK doesn’t produce academician anymore.
Muhammad: I don’t want to be a text book writer.
NoktahHitam: What do you plan to do when you join?
Muhammad: I want to BEAT you at everything. Your records, positions, studies.. everything.
NoktahHitam: Ok. That’s some what scary. Have you told mom of your intention?
Muhammad: Yeah, mom wants me to be an Ustaz (an Islamic scholar) but I like wearing shorts.

We were later called for dinner. I did ask mom, will she allow Muhammad to join MCKK. Her response was short, study hard! I guess she really did want him to become an Islamic scholar and continue his studies to Middle East.

Muhammad will be in standard 5 in a few days time. I find it intriguing, that a 10 year old boy would have such ambition. (I, at that age, only cared about my play time, next thing I knew, we were heading to Kuala Kangsar to drop me). I reckon he’s probably looking for the keyword, lePASSION. But I’ll let him figure out himself what that exactly means.

Recap of what I was (if you think I’m boasting, don’t mention it!).

Year 1996-2000 (U18 & U15)

  • Curriculum – Class Monitor (I really abused my power. LoL)
  • Co curriculum – President KRS
  • Sports, School Level – Captain of Athletics(2000), Rugby(1998-2000), Hockey(1997-1999), 100m(1997-2000), 4x100m(1997-2000), 200m(1997-2000), Sports Secretary (House)
  • Sports, District Level (2000) – 100m, 4x100m, 200m (failed to qualify, LoL)

As a brother, I have no doubt you can beat all of the above, so good luck.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

19 replies on “When I Grow Up, I Want to Join MCKK”

tapi ed, die dibesarkan dan jugak diperkenalkan dengan koleq sejak die kecik. tambah pulak die ada abang yang memang speret koleq. so, jadilah macam tu. tapi, points yang die bagi, memang menarik. two thumbs up untuk die.


kisah lebih kurang, cume aku tau sikit2 pasal prep school, sbb 2 tahun sebelum aku masuk kolet, aku antar abang aku dulu. satu kampung ikut.. punyela grand.

I as a dad yang anak belajar kat mc. cukup bangga.
kawan tanya anak sek mana? MCKK. JADI MASUK KAN ANAK KAT MCKK

i was desperately wanted to join this glorious, prestigious school. i admire this school so much eventhough i`m not part of it. now that i`m sitting for SPM, i have no chance of entering it anymore. as a student anyway

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