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What Killed Blogging? And 3 Ways to Fight Back for Traffic

Blogging used to be fun, especially when you received comments, whether it’s funny, thought provoking, witty, shitty, including the plain boring yes-sir-what-ever-you-say-is-right. All these comments are makes a blog lively.

Now you’ve got to compete for attention, popularity and time. I have facebook, twitter, instagram and whatsapp to blame for that. And 3/4 are owned by facebook.

What does that tell you? The limited attention that people pour in to reading blogs.

But the trend are subsiding, people tend to ditch mainstream. People are looking back for quality content to put them out of misery. Someone they can relate to. Something they can share a passion with. Some means of making additional money. Whatever it is, everybody is looking for something.

So here are 3 points that will make your blog spring back to action.

1. Focus on Title & Content.


If you write like a robot, you probably end up reading your own content. Even Siri can perform humanly response, you can do better. Readers naturally spend 5 seconds (or less) and decide to continue reading and the next 5 seconds for the intro. So make that 10 seconds count. Never EVER EVER EVER (3 times) write a misleading title. If you were caught once, you’re doomed. Nobody likes to be cheated.

2. Simplistic Design.


Let me tell you something, people hate banner ads. HATE as in you being handed out flyers as you reach the ground floor from the 1st floor escalator, you tell yourself to just throw it away no matter how cool the design is. More banners = more people hate it. Indirectly, this will affect how they feel about your blog. Mobile friendly is no longer an option (NH is not mobile friendly *knocks on head*), it’s a must.

3. Speed of Loading.


Nobody has the patience to wait for your website to finish loading. Cut down on the images or at least warn people of the slow loading so they can decide to read now or later. Use proper CSS, remove the javascript that you dont need. Reduce the plugins. Install WP-cache. There are loads of things that can be done to improve speed. If it takes more than 5 seconds to get a response, you’re dead my friend.

The judgement is, does your title suck? If no, proceed. Then is it too much clutter (filled with banner)? If no proceed. The last, is it slow? If no then read.

3 judgement for blog


As always, good luck. Do let me know if you have further points to add. Would love to hear your input.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

11 replies on “What Killed Blogging? And 3 Ways to Fight Back for Traffic”

to me, if background color hitam/red, mata i cpt sakit n berpinar. haha. unless ur blog ni lah. dh nama pn noktah hitam. kalau bole use white color background la. sejuk mata hehe. bole masuk list? i dont care if org kata blogging is so 2007. i love reading blogs. hehe. video lambat kdg2 nk loading/buffer etc so i mmg jaranggggg tgk video unless btul2 best heheh

lg 1, i prefer pop window utk comment box. senang. if nk bkk comment box pn slow, drpd nk comment terus xjadi n move to another blog. hehe.sekian terima kasih 🙂

The theme is long over due! Heehe. Thanks for commenting, that’s very kind of you.

Bg hitam or putih, interesting question. But the reason for me, because I use computer almost 6 hours a day. Reading in black with white text helps the eyes rest a bit. At least that’s how I wanted people to feel. Unless you feel otherwise mungkin kena ubah la kot!

Blog tanpa gambar dan hanya tulisan sahaja yg panjang berjela sgt boring bg diri ini.
Blog sy sendiri cerita setiap entri ringkas sahaja sebab org kita malas membaca maka kita ikut trend…hehe

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