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What Is a Browser?

Yesterday, teddy posted a twit on what is a browser?


I followed the link and leads me to Youtube. I can’t hold to my belly any longer. I laughed so loud, tears filled my eyes. I was rather confused, should I feel bad or sorry for them?

For something you use almost daily (modern slaves), it’s hard to think people mistook it for a search engine!

[flash w=100%]
So what is a browser? Answer: A software to browse the Internet.

I can’t believe I’m still laughing while I’m writing this. I know, I’m a jerk. Oh well, nobody’s complaining. So what the hell πŸ˜›

ps: Maybe I should ask random people on the streets too.

pss: I know it’s bad to laugh at people. But I still can’t help it!

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25 replies on “What Is a Browser?”

well…i don’t say they’re stupid, they’re just ignorant…i don’t really blame them if they don’t know what a browser or term browser as a search engine because the start page is 98% a search engine and you have a quick search function at the top right of browsers…

but yeah..still..browser is not definitely a search engine…or at least it’s wrong in the definition.

ask people of malaysia if they knew the first PM, sing negaraku, rukun negara…i bet some of them forgot about it. πŸ˜€

if you really want to go on the streets bro, let me know. want to tag along and laugh my lungs out πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

same here..some question i dont even understand..huhu~ but certainly when they want to pin the country that they want to invade is really funny.

yeah. ignorant. my mistake.

I guess the responsible media in the video above had done a good job to let the world knows what happened to people nowadays.

I always find it amusing when there are people who asks what a browser is on answer sites like Yahoo Answers.
I can’t blame them though, because I think I wasn’t able to answer the question when I was studying HTML back in high school. πŸ˜€

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