What Do You Do, Again

It was the first day of Eid-ul fitr, cousins and uncles flooded the house. It was too crowded, I lingered about the surau (it’s 10 meters from the house). Tok X saw me and waved, inviting me to his house.

Tok X: What do you do now?
NoktahHitam: I’m a web developer.
Tok X: Would you care to elabora..
Guest A: Assalamu’alaikum

A bunch of people came. Our conversation was put on hold. Of course I didn’t mind. After 20 minutes, the bunch left.

Tok X: What’s your job?
NoktahHitam: I’m a web developer. I build..
Kids on Lawn: Assalamu’alaikum.. kami nak beraye.

Again, our conversation was interrupted, this time by kids. After handing out the ‘duit raye’, the brats left.

Tok X: What do you do again?
NoktahHitam: I’m a web developer, kind of like a land deve…
Tok X’s Wife: Tok-nye, can you call T, he said he’s coming over.

I guess the neverending human intrusion will never cease during Raya.

Tok X: Sorry you got cut off. What do you do again?
NoktahHitam: I’m a banker at Maybank.
Tok X: Oh, how’s Maybank nowadays?
NoktahHitam: Inferior to other banks in Malaysia, but we have the biggest chain.

A few minutes later, came another bunch. I left and wandered about the surau again, waiting for Asr.

I know our memory is deemed ineffective as we grow old but this bad..? It’s like 10-seconds-Tom in 50 First Dates. OR, my job is incomprehensible for elderly?

Oh well, at least he didn’t pop out the when-are-you-getting-married.

ps: I later whispered to myself what I do for a living, just to fan my ego.

pss: All conversation was in Malay.

psss: Congrats to Khalid on the +ve pregnancy test. I want a baby boy!

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

30 replies on “What Do You Do, Again”

seb baik la aku background accounting/finance
tapi aku kerja more pada risk management
haha camner nak explain dowh ?
last aku bagitau kerja bahagian kewangan je. hehe :$:

Hahaha.. Aku lagi la.. Tapi ini bila ditanya pasal kerja bapak aku.. Bapak aku seorang “CHARGEMAN”.. Heeeh..??!! Chargeman tu ape..??!! Chargeman adalah seorang penjaga jentera dan mesin elektrik.. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

“short term memory lost” ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

same here…ada yang bertanya…senang jawab…”something to do with computer”…

tapi kadang-kadang kalau nak cut the conversation short…cakap je keje IT…coz for old folks mereka anggap semua bende yg ada kene mengena ngn computer = IT… IT = computer….

ppl always hv the impression yg computer eng == comp sci which is pissing me off haha! (comp eng lagi mencabar jiwa raga what than comp sci)

they’ll give the.. ohh *bunyi simpati* (ramai sgt doing comp sci kot?)

so when ppl tanya me..
ngaji ape?
bahagian pe?

abes cite
comp under electronic branch gak pape pun haha

hoho…perkara biasa di hari raya, conversation interrupted….it’s easier to give the familiar answer, though not true enough.
selamat hari raya NH. ๐Ÿ˜›

that’s a big question for me too when I told people that I work as an ERP solutions implementor at a company that nobody have ever heard before…. next time I will tell them I work at Maybank too! that should work. hahah!

I learned a small part of it (eng comp). By qualification, Im an engineer. I guess thats why Tok X asks me what I do for a living.

Sometimes if its just too hard to tell, I’ll say I’m still unemployed.

When ppl ask me, kerja apa, I used to say, “mengajar”, then the next Q would be ssekolah mana.. Hahaha… mengajar is directly associated to schools only. What about IPTs?

BTW, “ps” stands for post-script, so, yours should be ps, pps, ppps, etc.. and not ps, pss, psss ๐Ÿ™‚

Saja tumpang lalu…. jgn marah.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tok Wan aku penah puji aku depan budak2 kampung, “tinguk cucu aku tu, pakai kete lening, maklumlah keje kuntrikter (kontraktor).”

Budak2 duk tanya, “kuntrikter? keje mende?”

Balas Tok Ki kepada Tok Wan, “bukan kuntrikter lah mu dok tahu bende lasung! POMPLITER!!!” balasnya meninggi suara. Pompliter tu bahasa bakunya tepung pelita, sejenis kuih.

Padahal aku duk citer kat diorang yang aku keje berkaitan dengan KOMPUTER! :mrgreen:

Komputer tu org paham lg.. yg aku nih, dr dulu org asyik tny jer, bila nak jd angkasawan?.. tulah.. silap advert gak.. sikit2 angkasawan.. Aerospace Engineering bkn dibuat khas utk jd angkasawan.. saper2 bole jd angkasawan, even computer geek pon bole.. yg penting space training lepas..

same la…
masa aku keje jadik part-time photographer dulu2 pun ble aku cakap aku keje amek gambar kat tok wan tiri aku dia tak caye…
dia kata mana leh wat duit amek gambar… wakaka…

I know the correct usage ps, pps etc. my penpal used to write pss, psss, and so forth. She’s gone now.This is how (using pss etc) I ensure she lives in me.

My university refers department as school. e.g. school on engineering etc. I guess they generalized school as a place to learn, just like elderly.

aiya bro NH. maybank is not in really gud position after being cheated by the indonesian bank.. dunno.. what happen if maybank bankrupt? scary..

and if i mention about being in “industrial design”.. then period. next topic please.. haha

Jauh giler Maybank ngan Web developer! hahah

I guess, Maybank registers in their heads right away compared to ‘web developer’. They still have to figure out what a web developer is, adding the interruptions just made it worse!

In my case, it’s “when do you finish your studies?” and I’d be answering (might as well record it and pun on replay) “I’ve been working a year now ๐Ÿ˜ฅ “.

It happens during Raya ๐Ÿ˜‰

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