What Book Are You Reading?

My morning ritual starts with swallowing two frogs, working out and reading a book.

While reading, Amira curiously came to me and asked,

“What book are you reading?”

Business Made Simple by Donald Miller.

“I have a business too!”

Oh that’s great. What are you selling?

“My notebook that I made.”

How are you selling it?

(I have quite some experience at selling products)

“I went around the classroom and asked my friend, ‘awak ada 3 ringgit?'”

(this is starting to get interesting … )

“How about you exchange that RM3 with my notebook?”

I laughed hysterically at how innocent and naive this girl could be (I shouldn’t be laughing at an innocent attempt, but it’s too cute!). I can tell you one thing, though, she has GUTS. It’s not easy to have the courage to sell.

Did anyone buy it? – I asked

“Nope. Their parents won’t allow purchase”.

Did you ask other kids?

“Yeah, some only had RM 1. That won’t do”.


The truth is, kid, selling is not much about exchanging money for a product but about how you can tap into their mind and interests. But of course, the first step is not to fear rejection.

Great attempt, but let’s see where this goes. I hope she continues trying to sell.

ps: The notebook that she made, has a hand-drawn Doralin (from Doraemon), crooked-line inside and 5 pages thick. Definitely questionable quality.

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