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What a Modern Man Needs, Philips Aqua Touch

This is a weird entry for me. You know how I’ve always been assigned to do tech review on mobile gadgets? Now I get to review a shaver. Yes, laugh all you want, but it’s the one thing we (guys) don’t normally talk about, vanity. That includes, skin care, hair gels, shoes (other than sports shoes), pants cutting, slim fit shirts. I know, because I literally had to watch YouTube on how to trim my moustache! (I get to grow one while my wife is still in Aussie :D)

I received the unit last Thursday, 29 Nov 2012. I thank God that it’s brand new. I wouldn’t want to be touching cheeks with other men indirectly if it was a test unit.

What a Modern Man Needs, Philips Aqua Touch 1

Let me introduce you the Philips Aqua Touch line up. There are 3, the AT 750, AT 890 and AT 940. For the moment, it sounded like a mobile phone numbering system, but I think AT is short for Aqua Touch, it means almost water proofed. The marketing manager told us it can be submerged 4 meters deep, but I won’t risk doing that deep or go to waterfall just to test theory. Later in this post you will find a video how I dipped the unit into sink full of water (I even accidentally knocked it! Sorry Philips!)

What a Modern Man Needs, Philips Aqua Touch 2

An electric shaver means you have to charge (duh!) but that’s the most cumbersome part of it. I once shaved using my personal unit knowing that it was almost flat because I had to rush, I had to make do with whatever the battery is left with. It died as so as I started and the blade got stuck on my moustache. I had to pull it out while it was still dangling on my hair. It felt like getting a wax on the face! Who the hell wax their face? I promised myself not to do that again and charge as often as once a fortnight.

The unit that I got is the AT940. It can last 60+ minutes, that’s about 20 shaves in a single charge. It’s capable of quick charge in 3 minutes, just enough to last you a shave. Dual blade system, which means it lifts then cut, for a closer shave. Can be rinse directly from the tap, means you don’t have knock on the sink to remove the particles.

AT940 is very sturdy, rock solid build. I don’t think it would break even if I accidentally dropped it from the height of my face. I’ve got to say, it’s a bit heavy but the ergonomics is fantastic. You hardly feel it when you wrap your hands around it. The design is slick. Something you don’t really mind carrying to a picnic or the movies.

It comes with a case, a stand charger and the charger itself, along with the 3 years warranty card.

What a Modern Man Needs, Philips Aqua Touch 3

The first shave. It felt awkward using an electric shaver with foams covering half my face. The purpose of foam is to smoothen and make the face slippery enough to slide the blades all over your face. The slippery the surface, the better the result is, but don’t go put on dish detergent on your face. It has to be for shaving or at least foamy soap. The idea is to cut the hair not your face. This, in turn, reduces the after burn effect like you get when you dry shave.

What a Modern Man Needs, Philips Aqua Touch 4

You see the happy face of before and after?

I promised you the video. Here you go.

ENOUGH! Don’t tease me any longer! So what is it in dollar and cent? It’s RM 399. Is it worth it? Stick around. I’ve got 5 weeks to review this unit.

Before I begin my journey, let me extend my gratitude to Philips Malaysia for trusting my judgement. I look forward to write quality reviews for a fine piece of engineering.

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