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Weird Dream, The Green Party

Have you ever woke up from a dream and when you try to resume, you’ll end up somewhere else? I’m sure you have. Yesterday I dreamed of something beyond my imagination (my imagination can run pretty wild you know).

I was in my late 20’s, standing in front a sea of people. I was giving a speech, a manifesto asking people to vote for me. Yes, I became what I hated most, a politician.

The party I stood for was called, Green Party (Parti Hijau), the logo was a leaf.

I couldn’t remember exactly what my speech were, but somewhere along the line, I was urging people to go green. That includes, car pool, recycle, plant trees, don’t waste paper, minimize electricity, don’t kill animals, be kind to your neighbours, reduce rubbish and you know how it goes.

If I win, I will monitor real-estate developments, industrial toxicity, pollutions, school environments, youth development,.. basically any 2 things involving earth and education. And I promised to make my reports readily online using Google Docs (I have no idea why I said that).

I reserved my bashing towards both BN and PR. Let them burn each other, while I do my work. If they’re caught guilty, let the court decide, if not, God is fair..

I wanted power not to primarily help citizens, but save the world from total destruction. I want the kids of the future to live healthy and run wild like they’re supposed to. To do that, I need to preserve the nature and minimize pollution.

The crowd wasn’t too pleasant about my speech. I guess they were expecting the same routine, CHANGE and Economic Growth. Every American president (or politician) recycles that line (as far as I know).

It’s a long shot, after all I wasn’t sensitive enough about household income and it certainly doesn’t benefit the voters directly. But I was happy, to give a speech about the planet with thousands of people listening to my points.

I woke up the minute I finished my speech. I tried sleeping again, in hope that I could push the resume button and see whether I won or lost (I think it’s the latter). Unfortunately, I couldn’t get back to sleep. So, I went jogging 😛

ps: President of Green Party huh?

pss: Late 20’s? Sh*t, that’s the next election!

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

21 replies on “Weird Dream, The Green Party”

aku harap bukan sebab komen aku dlm entri yg lepas yg buat ko mimpi green party ni..hehe.
byk sgt tgk berita pasal election atau demonstrasi nato/g20 kat europe kat tv kot buat ko mimpi nih

haha, you wanted me to start one.. now you are the one who have the calling to start a green party!

Mr. President, go and registerlah..

I too believe that the party is going to lose the next election due to many circumstances. kne banyak wat groundworks baru boleh menang. ehehe.

good luck! =)

kalau pon that green party tu kalah.. i am sure u hv my vote…

err… providing u r contesting in my area la kan? hehe

p/s: im also tired with current politic situation. telenovela pon kalah… nak tuka channel boleh tak?

Huhu. Remember my dream a few months back? Here you continued it. 😀 But why it had to be a leaf? The 1st thing came to my mind was the Fernleaf logo. Hehe.

my name is edwin adn i want to recruit you!

dah tengok MILK? walaupun terlalu gay, tapi, kalau kau punya hajat dan bermimpi seperti itu, mungkin Harvey Milk boleh memberi sedikit. ilham.

oh! bukan yang berkaitan hubungan sejenis. tapi, usaha usaha dia untuk apa yang dia percaya.

satu lagi, check dengan ROS untuk prosedur pendaftaran parti baru.

wo! berdaya maju!

i think if you can continue your green dream, you’ll probably become good friend with Al Gore too :up:

Kebetulan je terasa macam ada persamaan sikit2. Oh. Saya memang suka mengingat mimpi. Hobi masa lapang 😛

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