Wedding Photos – Eezam and Ain

It sure took me a while to edit all the photos (selectively).

Emo Kid
I love this attitude and action. Everyone had their own agenda.

Wan Yg Comel
Wan asked out loud,”bunga telur ni bole bawak balik?” .. sure you can Wan! Comel!

Often people asks me, “Eddie, I didn’t know you had a sister”.. That’s my mom-lah!

While I do floss regularly, I don’t exactly carry them everywhere. Sorry Ain.

Sinister Glare
I don’t know what’s playing in her head but I’m guessing it’s a song from the All American Rejects – Dirty Little Secret or maybe something from Korn.

Will You Marry Me?
Dude, you’re already married!

Ehem.. KLCC is the other way around.

Of course I could never escape the Makcik-makcik‘s ultimate question, “Adek kamu sudah, kamu bile?” Fortunately, I have a playlist for that, as below

  1. Sabar, malam masih mude.
  2. Makcik carikan lah (easily countered with, Makcik ade kawan…)
  3. Weekend nanti (not specified which weekend)
  4. Die (adek) lagi matang dari saye.
  5. Bile sampai waktunye, sampailah kad kahwin saya.
  6. Eh.. Abah panggil saya (running away from reality)
  7. Janganlah tanye lagi, terguris hati saya. (Most Favorable)

The last answer would always earn me a pat on the back. No warm-hearted person could resist such sympathetic excuse. Sorry I capitalized on that 😉

Jom BeransurMuke BerminyakKampungNaik RumahPakcik BakarPeluh Sejuk?Sup SedapNo CakeSinister GlareCuteyBawah Pohon CemaraOld SchoolHindustan SepamSmall Hand
(via flickr)

If anyone was wondering who reversed the BMW like The Transporter (furiously fast and accurate), that would be the guy in Baju Melayu and Jeans.

Baju Melayu + Sampin + Jeans = Eddie
He’s also the kindred spirit brother, noob photographer and a crazy web developer.

ps: I wore jeans not because of style, but because the pants that goes along the Baju Melayu doesn’t fit, rather too tight. Swear to God I will never make my Baju Melayu there anymore. (it’s for 29 waist, I’m at 31)

pss: I hate the pictures I took, not enough and always out of focus

psws: Now I know why they charge thousands for wedding photography. It’s tiring like hell!

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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