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Long ago in 80’s, I told my dad of my intention to become an architect. I was 5, all I wanted to do is draw 😀

Sadly, my secondary school doesn’t present me with an art stream education and I became least interested after witnessing mat-art‘s (art freak’s) work. So I became an engineer, not by choice but because I didn’t want to upset my dad ❓

My dad was an engineer, cold and technical. I didn’t want to be him 😡

I was offered Computer Science course at UTM but I declined. He wants me to be an engineer. And so I did for the past 7 years of my life. I wanted him to be happy, happy that I am doing this for him, but he expected more 🙄

And here I am, bits-and-torn, what am I exactly? Everyday HRs introduces with new positions in the Web industry. So let me tell you a bit about Web positions (from my point of view).

Web Designer – Main expertise, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. He can smoothen your face within minutes! Hire him and get a new legal website designer boasting an impressive list of successful projects.

Web Programmer – Geeks who mull over script. He’s responsible for hacking your credit card or your user ID

Web Master – A-hole. Main expertise, ban people from forums. He’s they guy your dad warned about.

Web Developer – A programmer but with business sense. They’re the one who sold YouTube for 2Billion.

Web Architect – From the power supply to the click “Go” guy. He makes sure that A-to-Z is in order. He’s a pain in the ass ❗

Blogger – Overqualified journalist. They’re likely to stalk other blogs for info. Also known as New Age Vampire.

Web Addicts – Common among citizens who have nothing to do, although in front of the WholeWideWorld.

Web Gamer – A creature who doesn’t eat or sleep or blink in 10 hours (or more). Good, save us food supply 😮

What happens if someone is all of the above? 😥

ps: Happy 1st year Anniversary to me (web developer) :up:

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

20 replies on “Web – Designer, Programmer, Developer & Architect”

owh, dalam bidang web ni banyak lagi pecahannye ek.

as for me, i never know that i was going to take computer as my course. it was a last minute choice, since my SPM result does not qualify for anything else.

but well, it has became a passion anyway. so thanks, bad SPM results ^^

one thing, tho. i didn’t really have any expertise. currently a jack of all trade, a master of none. what do you suggest for me, NH?

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hahaha for a while then i thought u were gonna ketuk designers.. coz if u did… i’ll ketuk u back.. dude u were from mckk??
if u were, did u happen to know an ahmad zaid? because he was my classmate back in std six, he got offer to go to MCKK whilst i got offer to go to some maktab sains teluk intan or something..

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eh, simpankira pun byk pecahannya..
hehe… kalo company lagik besar, lagikla byk pecahan…

“Blogger – Overqualified journalist. They’re likely to stalk other blogs for info. Also known as New Age Vampire.” == hahaha.. 😀

Saya ambil IT dulu masa bidang tu masih awal lagi dan masih byk permintaan utk para graduan. Tapi sekarang rasa nya dah tepu kan? melainkan ramai yg keluar tu nanti buka bisnes IT-based memasing, then akan create peluang kerja.
so now sy masuk acctg pula. sbb bagi sy bidang ni masih lagi diperlukan even ada software/tools yg membantu. so alhamdulillah ada 2 cabang.. dan 2 benda ni byk digunakan di pej. kira nya ilmu yg dicari dimanfaatkan walau tak sepenuhnya. 🙂

course aku di sini (limkokwing) lebih berat kepada web designer/art design.. hurm, dulu ade rasa teringin nak jadi web programmer, tapi dah jadi macam ni, terpaksa la belajar sendiri.. merangkak-rangkak. damn!!! hehehe..

neway bro, thanks for da info..

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