Was A Little Preoccupied

Last week was my brother’s wedding at Melaka.

Being the sweet brother than I am, I helped out on things that needs my attention. Hanging up curtains, driving around people, buying food (no one is cooking nowadays) etc.

We stayed at A’Famosa resort bungalows, which I think is rather reasonable, RM520 per house. Each house has 4 rooms, 4 queen sized bed and 4 singles. Easily fits 20 people. A normal hotel room at most can only fit 4 and price range is between RM100++. Bungalow would be best. Plus, each house has it’s own pool! The price is very much, justifiable.

Since we had the pool to ourselves, we played the ‘jump in water shot’.

Was A Little Preoccupied 1

and I made a bookmark out of it.

ps: I’ll be uploading the photo’s I took tomorrow, hopefully.

pss: I’m not emo like what twit-ville projected. Just too occupied with wedding preparations.

psss: My brother’s wedding at my house 10 Oct. If you stay nearby Keramat AU1, do come.

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