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Utusan Does It Again, Twist-Twist-Twist

I quit reading Utusan Malaysia ages ago. It’s downright boring.

DAP Hina Islam? DAP Hina Islam

That’s a heavy headline. Like you, my curiosity spiked, so I bought a copy. My disappointment, nothing seems to be “sensational” about it. It’s a marketing gimmick and I wasted my good loose change.

And guess what? Lim Guan Eng will sue Utusan for the false accusation.

I’m not into journo nor media publications. But I believe if one were to write about something, it should be as blunt and honest as can be. Else end up wasting trees, not to mention time and money.

Me? I’m scheming onto something. So make sure you believe everything 😈

ps: And it does look like it’s working πŸ˜€

pss: I thought journalism is based on passion, no?

psss: Who shares my enthusiasm to ditch media, raise your hands!

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23 replies on “Utusan Does It Again, Twist-Twist-Twist”

Meh, not another dumb political move by the largely government-controlled newspaper. Aren’t they tired of reporting the same thing over and over again, where reporters will just have to rephrase their previous reports to make it sound more damning for the accused?

I don’t quite read Malaysian newspapers for politics because I know to a large extent, they’re filtered. The government threatens them with a ban and they can’t afford to lose the readership and business. Just the typical stuff a hysterical government will do, whatever it takes, to make things go their way.

Isn’t it hilarious to see that the government acts as if we don’t know about the whole behind-the-screen stuff while we watch them like clowns and tigers in a circus? They’re putting up a really good show, I must say.

And all due respect, I admire Islam, just like how I admire any other religion. I just cannot agree with how the government uses Islam, a sacred religion and belief of the people, against their opponents. Religion and politics are not meant to be used together, and now they’ve done it again.

Way to go, BN!

With all due respect teddy, religion is a life and politics is a sub group of life. I don’t think you can separate those two. However, race is another issue. Government loves to play this string.

Personally, I dont care what race you are, as long as you have a good heart.

Whooops, sorry. I just got a mental shortage and a temporary logic fail. Religion and politics are inseparable but racial issues, although intrinsic to a multiracial nation, should not be used as a toy by any political group to achieve a certian goal or aim πŸ˜› my bad!

*angkat tangan, angkat kaki, angkat keyboard, angkat kerusi!!!* (boley ke? lol)

i quit bace utusan a while ago but i still read the star. Only that i skip the news part , and terus bace section 2 & cartoons. πŸ™‚

β€œOnce you base your whole life striving on a desperate lie, and try to implement that lie, you instrument your own undoing.” – Ernest Becker, The Denial of Death.

aku x de la stop baca newspaper, but, bende-bende camni la buat aku malas beli newspaper, buang duit je. lagi-lagi kalu metro. haha. content dia x leh blah.

tp, nasib baek dalam paper ade ads yang semat-semat. tp, aku beli the star je, x mahal sgt, tp still byk bende laen, selain bunuh, rogol, lompat2 and aku-tuduh-dia-tuduh-aku. hehe.


aku dah lama switch ke online media je
kadang2 je weekend aku beli paper πŸ™„

diaorang patut banyakkan artikel pasal promote malaysia lah kan. susah wooo nak jalan2 cuti malaysia. maklumat tak lengkap la. hehe πŸ™‚

Ya, saya sangat setuju. I think we already ARE the media, MK. If not, kenapa gomen (read: BN) takut sgt dengan bloggers? It’s because we have the power to speak for ourselves and they don’t like to hear what ‘the people’ have to say, unlike their puppetized journalists.

Lagipun. Who serves it better than NH? :up: πŸ˜‰ I vote for takeover!

I don’t read newspapers but I watch news on tv even though I don’t believe half of it…I find it funny how tv3 always tries to find glitches in Perak, Kedah & Penang..
my favourite one is the news about an old man who died not having the chance to ride in the lift in the flat that hadn’t been repaired for quite sometime…they even interviewed the neighbour who said that whenever he went to the hospital to visit him, he always asked about the lift….that’s how they’d rather use 3 minutes of the primetime news…

Every time I read about politics my stomach feels like puking. These people are insulting my intelligence (and stomach too).

Propaganda is a great way to get attention, but it gets boring and lame after a while.

Can somebody PLEASE advise BN to do something more INTELLIGENT for once, especially when it comes to the opposition? Is this all they got?

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