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Unsung Rumour

There’s a rumour going on the office and it’s about me! Someone told my boss, that I plan on resigning next month.

WTF? I just joined 6 months ago and barely learned anything, what makes me want to go? I love my work, my environment, the people I work with and most importantly, the sit-back-relax-but-work mode. Very stress free (I assure you, I am pretty much stressed up, but only revolves around work).

Seriously, if anyone would like to spread rumours, at least make it a cool one, like I’m banging the front desk girl or exchanged punches with the MD. Anything lower than that wouldn’t be something of my appetite. Booo!

ps: I hate that vuvuzela sound on live telecast, annoying, kinda like the rumor 🙂

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I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

12 replies on “Unsung Rumour”

masih menanti kerja dan masih menjadi penganggur terhormat, yg berkerja teruskan kerja anda sbb sekarang bukan senang nak dapat kerja, amat memeningkan.

alahai… orang tu hari tu jumpe aku pkai long slip… keh keh keh… aku nak gelak.. tapi takut kawan kecik ati… kalau si eddie ni aku dah biasa nampak dah.

*owhhhh larikkkkkk……………………..

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