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Unethical Blogger Who Killed Football

This will be going against my true nature of keeping my thoughts to myself.

The day before the European clash, a blogger posted an entry on how Manchester United will win. I wouldn’t mind that kind of post, it shows support. But what disgust me most is how he belittled other teams. Not enough, he even starts name calling. Chelshit, Liverfool etc.

First things first, HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO MANCHESTER? How is Manchester related to you? Can you point on the map where Manchester is? To be an absofuckinlutely fan, first you must have some sense of belonging. If you can’t see the connection, then shut the fuck up.

Second, WHO ARE YOU TO TRASH OTHER TEAMS? Do you even know how to kick a ball? Have you ever run 10x football field everyday? Do you even exercise? Ah, you only know how to play winning eleven. Unless you know the technical know-how, I recommend you shut the bloody hell up.

Third, MANCHESTER UNITED FANS LIKE YOU SPOILS THE GAME. My circle of friends loves Man Utd, but they don’t talk down other teams. In fact, they have the same kind of respect for other teams. Some even intimidated. But no matter how superior Man Utd is, they’d remain humble. It’s purely professional.

Forth, YOU PROVOKE PEOPLE YET YOU DELETE COMMENTS. That’s how the line goes. I know I have done the same to you. It was because of your desperate attempt to gain traffic by using ‘Gadis Lonely’ nick. So let me ask you, where’s your dick? Do you have one? Don’t provoke people if you haven’t got a ball.

Thanks to Barcelona, the team stunned you with their brilliant play.

So let this be a lesson for you. Do not trash talk if your balls isn’t polished. A blind supporter like you will spoil the beauty of the game. With that I rest my case.

ps: I have no idea why I have to let this off my chest.

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103 replies on “Unethical Blogger Who Killed Football”

ah bosan la…baru nak tambah panas dah berdamai…kan senang kalau israel n palestin camni…

bro..baru sembang panjang malam sblm game…baik punya ko publish entry ek? hehe…

I used to spill to my male friends unintentionally about how fool they were to see a game of sixteen (plus minus. oops) men kicking a ball and then cheered up when the ball got trapped in a giant net.

And during yesterday morning meeting, a manager brought a small talk on this Barca versus Red Devil thing to an engineer who happened to be a die hard fan of MU. They got into a small mouthbitching – which was cute, weaved with laughters and throwing banters – uplifting the caste barrier between a manager and an engineer.

And tonight, as I am reading this, I believe this soccer thingy is not as foolish as I thought before. It unites people, it brings warmth of any other talks can’t, it holds the unspoken invisible power, so to speak.

Two big guns, you and Khai, brought together back, by a mutual understanding, that derived from a childish battle from my point of view, to a moment of forgiveness.

Aawwww so sweet.

p/s: I think I need to join my company’s futsal team.

The thing about supporting a team, where do you find the “sense belonging” attribute? You can’t just jump to, “I support MAN UTD” for the fact that they’re strong.

Another thing, die hard MU fans, but when it comes to World Cup or Euro, they flee away to different teams. Shouldn’t they be supporting England since MU is there?

Antara sifat-sifat munafik, apabila dia bergaduh, dia berlebih-lebihan. (one of the 4 sifat-sifat munanik, quote from Muhammad PBUH).

Spurs memang sucks. Hahahaha. Tapi dorg la team under dog yg paling otai. Pap pup, tetibe menang lawan Chelsea. Sayang nye Spurs tak consistent. Kalau consistent, aku rase dah lame menang league.

lor…dah abis ke?

isshh…betapa boringkan hujung minggu
bola dah abis, korang pun dah berdamai…

P/s – ini bukan batu api…salegirl jual sabun basuh 😀

oit. akoo nk gaduh ngan mu. gomo kelate gomo. haha. mende la. xleh reply kat atas. akoo reply kat cni. tue bkn promo. akoo pon luah kan gak cam NH. haha. akoo ske tgk orang gaduh guna text dari tubuh badan. bleh tgk si genius.

People love the idea that they’re a part of something ‘big’.

The thing about football that non-fans do not understand is, it’s not about kickin & chasing, it’s about choosing sides and bitching each other as they go along admiring how good they team looks on the field. That explains why the most pointless sport ever just happen to be one of the most profitable business in the world.

All points well said. Despite bruises here and there, I guess in the end its the perfection in argument is what makes a person the better person.

Kudos Ed for being the bigger man (especially on the apology). And I mean, not literally. 😛

from a certain point of view, JK is quite lucky… NH that I knew before was quite a tough-hearted….bukan sesenang nak mintak ampun haha…. 🙂

Anyway, Barca was waaaaayyyy too good for MU… For that particular night la…for some reasons, Rooney and Ronnie were completely kayu that night…

Better footbal next season MU…I’ll always be around to cheer for you 🙂

Aku tak pernah halang orang gaduh pasal bola haha… Sebab aku rasa pergaduhan kesukanan nih adalah sihat…kecuali sampai bakar keta polis tuh, that was just too much la kan….Gaduh, gaduh gak…emosi kawal la sket….

huhu..i like diz issue..mmg hot gilew..sbgai fan liverpool,aku mmg bengang bile fan2 lain kutuk team kitorang especially guna word ‘liverfool’ (wlpn sbnrnya xde kena mengena dgn kitorang pon)…almost yg kutuk ofkos peminat mu,almaklumlah kalah msa dlm league..yg kite nak tgk dlm bola ni, the pleasure..kalau sape2 ade baca paper,fan mu ade blasah fan barcelona smpai berjahit2…adoyai,mcmtu laaa rupa bile xdpt trime kenyataan…so, apekate kite tgk bola tempatan plak..huhuh..

alar habis dah drama? Dang missed it! 🙁

There are certain things that ppl write that you can just let it pass by or stand up for something you believe it. It depends on how you want to take it. I think all of us has written something that others find disagreeable.

Nonetheless, u do realize it was (since its all over now) like squabbling with a kid rite? 😛

It’s the case of “munafik”. One of the attributes is “apabila ia bergaduh, ia berlebihan”. I know I’m not a good person, but at least I can try to be a better person 😉

Err, kau salah kot skis. Aku bergaduh dgn orang mmg tujuan nak push dorg sampai mintak maaf. UNLESS, nak ajak bertumbuk, tu mmg best. But then again, we’re adults and I am EDUCATED. So I have act like one.

Game tu sgt la best utk Barca, die gentel je semua player MU. Same mcm game vs Chelsea. Tp Chelsea kurang2 seri both games. MU plak kene tutuh.

gila panas entri ni!
syok aku bace komen semua bloggers
dan kepada NH
aku salute cara kau berhujah
aku sebagai bloggers yang masih mentah(form 4)
dah lama jadikan kau sebagai otai dalam dunia blogging nih
selain beberapa bloggers lain.

Hahaha. Batu ko tak cukup berapi bong. Dah tua, malas gadoh mende kote² ni. Worst comes to worst, whack one time and ciau. Tp tu scene dalam GodFather la plak.

form 4 and you are writing that well? You sure have talent. Keep it up bro!

Here’s a tip or two. 1 – Study who you intend to shoot. 2 – Berani kerana benar. 3 – Pandai² la berhenti bergaduh, setiap satu dalam alam ni, ade batas nye.

The drama only lasted a day or two. He apologizes, I can’t be an ass and keep kicking him. It’ll turn me into a fool! And being a fool will destroy my credibility as a wicked mind 😛

Not squabbling lah. It wasn’t even a fight, I was literally yanking him with a stick to a point he breaks. Never thought it’d be that easy 😀

Bila saya terbaca point no.1 dan 2, saya hanya terfikir ni je: Thanks Eddie. Awak la yang buat saya jadi LEBIH berani sejak insiden yang satu tu dulu. MANY THANKS!

Barca trash MU! yup…thats the way to shut ‘him’ up!

btw….BIG kudos to CHelsea to win the FA CUP!, finally a silverware for Chelsea…next year Chelsea win aim for 4 trophies!

Yang kes ‘Pikir Sendiri’ yang tak reti nak pikir tu. Yang saya disabled comment and then you asked me to enable it back and fight him. Actually awak yang lawankan bagi pihak saya. Hehe. Sejak tu saya jadi berani gile ok. Esok 1st day exam. Dah tak larat dah menghadap buku 😥

well, i do call liverpools fellas liverfools sometimes… but that’s after they have made a big fuss about taking the lead during christmas.

but regardless, you made some good points there.

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