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Unethical Blogger Who Killed Football

This will be going against my true nature of keeping my thoughts to myself.

The day before the European clash, a blogger posted an entry on how Manchester United will win. I wouldn’t mind that kind of post, it shows support. But what disgust me most is how he belittled other teams. Not enough, he even starts name calling. Chelshit, Liverfool etc.

First things first, HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO MANCHESTER? How is Manchester related to you? Can you point on the map where Manchester is? To be an absofuckinlutely fan, first you must have some sense of belonging. If you can’t see the connection, then shut the fuck up.

Second, WHO ARE YOU TO TRASH OTHER TEAMS? Do you even know how to kick a ball? Have you ever run 10x football field everyday? Do you even exercise? Ah, you only know how to play winning eleven. Unless you know the technical know-how, I recommend you shut the bloody hell up.

Third, MANCHESTER UNITED FANS LIKE YOU SPOILS THE GAME. My circle of friends loves Man Utd, but they don’t talk down other teams. In fact, they have the same kind of respect for other teams. Some even intimidated. But no matter how superior Man Utd is, they’d remain humble. It’s purely professional.

Forth, YOU PROVOKE PEOPLE YET YOU DELETE COMMENTS. That’s how the line goes. I know I have done the same to you. It was because of your desperate attempt to gain traffic by using ‘Gadis Lonely’ nick. So let me ask you, where’s your dick? Do you have one? Don’t provoke people if you haven’t got a ball.

Thanks to Barcelona, the team stunned you with their brilliant play.

So let this be a lesson for you. Do not trash talk if your balls isn’t polished. A blind supporter like you will spoil the beauty of the game. With that I rest my case.

ps: I have no idea why I have to let this off my chest.

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aku minat spurs sejak zaman Sheringham + Klinsmann lagi beb.

hmm,underdog paling otai tu aku setuju.ok tanak cakap lebih2.kita tengok next season… 😎

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