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UM Pharmacy Night, Congrats Baizura


No, she’s not my girlfriend. She’s my cousin. Again no, she’s not available. Yeah, she won the ‘Miss Congeniality’.

Last weekend, I find myself in the midst of prom UM’s pharmacy prom night. It was rather unusual for me to attend such function (I don’t really like the idea of dressing up). I sat with my whole family, including cousins and aunt. My uncle was supposed to give a speech, but something came up, he had to attend to his priority. He was replaced by his assistant. bai3.jpg

It was held at the Legend Hotel. I did enjoy the food and company, however I disliked the performances and ever LOUD speaker behind my back. Ughh, it was agonizing the whole time, the whole time (I had to repeat).

I don’t know whether its me or my ‘reversed engineering’ sense, but the (hired) magicians’ trick was exposed within seconds. However, I did applaud for his funny remarks and gestures.


Don’t ask me who they are, I don’t know.

The event was a success. We went back around 11.30 pm. I’m very sure the VVIPs were pretty tired having to sit for 3 hours, I know I was. Congrats to the team who managed the entire event and thanks for the goody bag!

Baizura, congratulation on winning the Miss Congeniality contest. Your PR skills was a splash! Really noteworthy.


Original picture. It took me 2 hours (plus) to get the top-most image done. Method: Vectored, Sketched, Gaussed, Texted & Overlayed.

PS: It was an eye opener! (you know what I mean)
PSS: Too bad she’s taken. It’s her lost, not mine, right Bai? Hahaha.

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20 replies on “UM Pharmacy Night, Congrats Baizura”

I want to congratulate my cousin, at the same time, whine about the loud sound.

Kutuk? If this is ‘kutuk’ than I am really being kind. I usually whack people hard.

oh my god!! bai jd Miss Congeniality ??? wahahaha.congrats. well edwin ur cousin choose to be taken.hahaha.nk buat cmne long as she’s happy with her bf ;p

congrats bai!! i miss u.hihi

name die bai?
bai tu bukan benggali jual roti ke?
selamber dingdong je gune name bai…
BAI…BAI…pass bola kat aku BAI…

waa…cannot believe this..baizura my schoolmate,my housemate last 2 years..senyap2 je menang award…haha..anyway yup she’s taken..hahahaha

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