Aisyah and Me

Ujian Kehamilan


Syukur alhamdulillah.

After weeks keeping it unofficial, today I present you the proof. Yes, Aisyah is pregnant and  we will be parents by year end.

5 years ago, I helped a girl with her CSS for her blog. We chatted, met, dated, engaged, got married and now we’re having a child together. Semoga Tuhan makbulkan doa kami menjadi ibubapa yang baik.

ps: Sepatutnya wordless wednesday, tp aku nak gak bercerite

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30 replies on “Ujian Kehamilan”

I hope it will be boys, a twin. I had a dream about it and I did tell you about that dream. Do you still remember that? It was at the time when you guys were still dating.

I still can’t forget about that particular dream. A sweet dream though. :LOL

Congratulations anyway to both of you and welcome to the parenting world.

This is one scary world to be in, being responsible for the actions of my own blood. I have to make sure this kid will help build a better world.

Scary thought aside, we did go a check up this morning. Sadly, your dream is a bit off, nampak sorang je tadi. Bentuk kacang soya. Comel je nampak heart beat.

Alhamdulillah, congratulations to both of you!
i hope aisyah and the baby will be healthy and fine 😀

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