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UiTM For Non Bumi’s, My Take

I woke this morning to a Dejavu, UiTM for Non-Bumi’. I care not to read further, the headlines is pretty much self-explanatory. I’ve also made up my mind whom I’m siding a long time ago.

UiTM for Non-Bumi’s! That’s what I’m for. Call me a racist, I don’t care. Call me ignorant, I don’t mind. Call me stupid, I know how intelligent I am. Call me a traitor, God will judge me.

UiTM is undoubtly a place where many bumi graduates was born. It’s so successful, that it’s capable of producing at least 20k graduates every year. With such a large figure, have you wondered about the quality?

If I were to conclude, this is a result of having too many Malays in one place, it resonants their bad attributes. Malay is an inferior race. You talk down to them, they’ll throw a toilet bowl in your face. Malay can’t accept critics, be it constructive ones. Lazy, Manja etc, you know what a Malay is like.

An urge to win against another. ‘We can’t let Chinese get the top ten!’ This is rather racist but it produces great results. It’s somewhat a motivation. And obviously we all love progress.

Do away with the federal constitution. It was drafted in the 80’s. We are bigger, smarter and wiser now. For heaven’s sake, we are undertaking this silly thing called globalisation. So why the set back?

UiTM is the most affordable way to get a degree. In fact, it’s cheapest education you can ever get in Malaysia. It was established for mid-low class group of Malays. Having said that, I saw a few students driving imported cars around the campus. ‘Parents ko sep duit ke?’ If you can afford an education, go ahead. Leave your spot for others.

Malay is still poor, we need that uni. So you think you’re poor? What about Indians who lived in a junk yard or estate? Chinese family who lives in a 1 room flat? That’s probably an extreme case, but I know a friend who came to uni with enough fare for LRT and a bottle of water everyday. Sometimes she brings food from home. She made it, but to look back at what she went through, it’s rather uncanny.

While we’re striving to save our ass-es, we mustn’t forget others as well. We all have the same blood color, only origin that separates us apart. We say, we’re ‘bersopan santun’ and courteous, well, ARE WE?

Hot chick factor. Wouldn’t you like to see Chinese chicks in Baju Kurung? Enough said.

I wish not to generalized UiTM student, but this is a democratic country, and in democracy, majority rules. However, I am a minority, feel free to bash me, I’ll take you on.

In the end, it’ll be like MRSM, open for all but many non-bumi rejected the offer

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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the quality is there..but students who did not grab the opportunity to gain tat quality and laz off shows that quality wins over quantity

mind u imbecile…changing the mentality is part of changing our believes, culture and tradition…therefore dun take the word mentality for granteed n simply apply it in the wrong terms…believes, culture and tradition generate from mentality and it’s the mentality that keeps our believem culture and tradition alive…u are not “kacang melupakan kulit” and so are we…we adapt but not to substitute…

if the opposition does not move the gov will not move…and when the gov moves the opposition will move…its a cause reaction…”every action exist a counter reaction”…both existence is needed..if not the country will not improve…

did’nt your dean tell you that wikipedia sources are not to be use as academic purposes…

due to what???…u brag bout bm’s n merc…still stay in ur “safety zone”…non-bumis with these cars mostly end up in overseas…get real ppl…dun compare materials with academic

as i said be4….quality wins over quantity…=) not all are “tak berkualiti”…depends on individuals…if they persue quality education..they work hard n smart for it…unlike some ppl’s definition of “dont work hard but work smart” (where he or she might landed in his or her own foot”

a person respects another if he respects him …but he too also must earn the respect by respecting others…dont go blame your own kind…it’s ppl like him will bring up yout race one day and bring harmony…that is the difference between ppl who actually thinks rather then talk with emotion


Try interviewing their 4.0 students. They can’t converse even the most basic of english.

Words get tangled up. Singulars become plurals, and vice versa, past becomes present tense… argh.. sad sad sad

So fucking what… scared of opening UiTM for all.. I say don’t bother.. fucking waste of brain matter.

Malays are just fucking scared of competition.

I am a Malay. I made sure I didn’t work in the govt. I made sure I looked for a company surrounded by Chinese & Indians (Malaysians too ler)

I wanted to be surrounded by people who are resilient, hard working, down to earth, and not racist.

I wanted to work in a place which rewards hard work. Not on who’s ass you kiss..

Yea so there!

Fuck u racist bastards if u are one!

Im an UiTM graduate..

It’s interesting to see all these debate surrounding UiTM , what’s even more interesting, is that most of those who seem to be on the critical side of matters, have not even stepped foot inside the university, let alone know the basic facts about the varsity that few are aware of..

-UiTM is a university that caters to Bumis(of course everyone knows this), just like how some other unis cater to a certain group of people,which i shall not mention..yeah, UiTM believe it or not, is not the only one, peeps.

-UiTM academic staff are the highest paid among public unis. hence, the university is a host to many good lecturers. but i don’t deny the quality of some graduates are somewhat mediocre, a result of easy admissions. but to say it is because of the the system its self, is a manifest falsehood.

-this is where i’m in the middle, i do believe admissions to non-bumis is not only fair to the non-bumis, but essential to improve the education among bumis.

-what i DON’T AGREE on, are the rude generalizations made upon UiTM graduates. I speak better english than half of those who criticized us.half of UiTM students, are at least moderate users like me,if not better. having that said, although english is no doubt is important, but it is by no means the only gauge of one’s competency. what use of it if u are able to speak partially fluent english,but not competent?BTW,the problem of english is one that is shared by ALL public unis. ive talked to a large number of graduates from supposedly the best public unis in Msia, but they still struggle to speak english.
and the apparent poor grads from UiTM are the results of the sheer number of grads it produces in each convocation ceremony. mind u that this uni has a branch in almost every state in of course there are going to be a lot of bad sheep. the good ones wont even bother to visit sites like these(i just stumbled upon it really,plus im very defensive when it comes to my uni).

To conclude,I’m a proud UiTM graduate..So are the other thousands of grads..We love this uni, this country. I urge the bumis step up and prove that u are better that this. I plead those who are non-UiTMs to not generalize us. is a uni like no other. I hope the uni will someday open up, a bit, if UiTMers are to be respected at all.

LOL. improve your english duuuuuuude. guna perkataan ng powerpower tapi. uhh. nahh nvm. im malay. and aku tengok cuma melayu je yang kutuk bangsa sendiri. hebat siaaa kita. X)

Kalau tegur ko kate kutuk, kalau beri pendapat ko kate kutuk jugak. Kalau tak berkata-kata, ko kate sembab. Abes tu nak buat ape? Agaknye mmg pantang Melayu kene tegur, abes melenting serba serbi.

Stop thinking about yourself la, focus on the bigger picture. Kalau nak move forward, kene accept weakness, then work on it. Kalau weakness pon tak bole accept serupe tak yah mimpi nak maju.

Ok English berterabur, dah name pon blog. Tak perlu nak strict sgt.

kalau nak ambil degree kat UITM tu,apa kelayakannya oh,ada kene mengene dengan spm ke????pasal apa,sebab SPM aku teruk sangat…tapi diploma akudapat 3.6 GPA….ni yang konfius ni….tolong……me…UITM boy…

I pretty much agree to what cripple brain said. I’m a Malay myself. I think Malays should hang out with other ‘minorities’. People need to stop being so racist sometimes and just try to get along.

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