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TZM – Modified ala Super Bike

TZM Modified

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This is a lazy post. This is a lazy post.

Seriously la, this is a lazy post! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Anyway, this Mr B’s motorcycle. So when you see a not so tall, tanned, round but handsome PLUS guy, send my regards to him. He’s working harder nowadays. Semi-Value was his god figure (his former boss actually) also Karam Singh Walia โžก

NoktahHitam : What’s the point of single seater?
Mr B. : Nak elak maksiat (to avoid immoral activity)
NoktahHitam : I wish my car was a single seater.. โ—

ps: Sorry people, got plenty of work to do ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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30 replies on “TZM – Modified ala Super Bike”

wahaha.. if ur car single seater.. u better just buy a bike la..

PS: aiyok.. kadang2 lebih seat tu belik digunakn utk.. mendapat pahala jugak ๐Ÿ™‚

syia’s last blog post..spell it

cam kenal je tuan motor yang cun ni…
rasenye die sehat2 je…
dok serabut ngan kutip toll je mamat tu…

p/s:- cik Aishah tau sape mr. B?terelnye….

ecah.. cik simpankira pun mcm tau je..
cik simpankira penah tgk dlm FS seseorg rasanya…

eh, ye ke???

how come u wish ur car is a single seater? adakah telah berlaku banyak maksiat sbb ia mempunyai lebih dari 1 seat? jeng jeng jeng

hahaha…macam penah je berlaku kemaksiatan2 tersebut…

p/s:- eddie, thanks bro. appreciate it so much!

I have no idea of their technical specs. I am never interested in super bikes but everyone in the family (minus my mom) has B-full license.

But I do plan to buy a V-rod one day ๐Ÿ™‚

NoktahHitam : Whatโ€™s the point of single seater?
Mr B. : Nak elak maksiat (to avoid immoral activity)

wakakaka…. creative …creative..aku suka!
lainlah macam aku dulu masa jadi student, siap letak losyen lagi kat seat belakang.. bila brek jer, tak sengaja plak dia langgar aku… ekekekeke

Mr. Ah Fa: Thanks.

Fuqaha: I used my own money. Not yours.

Rohaizad: Padahal gua malas nak bawak member2 yang nak tumpang gi kuliah je reason sebenar. Hehe.

walala…very nice la…just wanna ask..where can i find a shop that can really2 modified tzm???kl and selangor area…plz2..i want 2 know..if i can modified tzm like r1 would be great!!…

kat blakang bkan ke ade tank 2T ngn coolern? ubah tempat ke?n plss…bg tau mcm ne nk buat..kat mane?sy duk area shah alam..bleh email kat sy…fathi_zf89@y.c…cun sgguh motor abg..

bro…mcm ne nak wat tail mcm bro. cun la. email kat aq kat ne tmpat nyer…n bape kos nye..cun giler lah..

macha motor bynk cntk la……i pun guna tzm juga.macha cat kat mana , blh bgi tahu .i nak cat warna orenge dgn putih.

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