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Two Screen Desktop Under RM2.5K

Update: The system is too loud! Get a CPU cooler and fans!

I’ve been whining about my Compaq, how it was being sluggish and hot at the same time. It came to a point where I procrastinate my work often, I hate getting my lefty numb.

Today, accompanied by Mr S, I bought a new system. This time it’s a desktop.

I didn’t want top of the line specs, the following month would probably slash the price down to half. The aim was simple, get desktop with 2 screens under RM 2.5k.

Desktop Config

Achieved and very satisfied.

  • AMD X2 7750 2.7 Ghz – RM 250
  • AsusM2N68-AM – RM 170
  • Asus EAH4350 512Mb -RM 160
  • Kingston DDR2/800 4Gb – RM170
  • 500Gb Hard Disk – RM 190
  • DVD Writer – RM75
  • Computer Casing – RM95
  • BenQ T2200HD 22″ LCD – RM550 x 2

Total: RM 2.2K, with RM300 spare cash, I opted a wireless Logitech Ex110 keyboard mouse.

After a few hours of experimentation, I dare to say, I’m never going back to a single screen setup. It’s too unproductive!

full-screen.jpgThe down side, I have be extra sensitive when building web or graphics design and I can’t be in bed while working 😮

ps: I forgot to buy speakers! Everything’s on mute now 😥

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

64 replies on “Two Screen Desktop Under RM2.5K”

You dont really need to google it. Very straight forward. You dont have to be a geek to know. On first try, I got it right. Of course needs some tweaking to ensure best resolution for the monitorS.

Sorry to take so long to reply to your response 😛 *note to self, reply NH’s email too*

That’s what my friend is doing too! Coding in one screen, viewing the results in another. He’ve even gone to the point to install automatic page refresher plugin on his FF3 so that he won’t have to waste 2 seconds pressing that F5 button.

Wow, you handle PHP and Java too! How cool. I can do neither… I’ll just stick to XHTML and CSS for the moment being. Might be picking up Javascript (AJAX, jQuery, Prototype and all the useful junk) in the near future.

Three screens setup will kill your eyes! You’ve got only two 😕 the fan is loud prolly because two screens is driving your graphics card insane 😛 and the CPU as well. But as long as it doesn’t overheat, you’re good to go.

p/s: I’m wondering, when it comes to the Windows taskbar (the one where the start button is located in as well, correct me if I’m wrong), how does 2 screen handle the opened documents?

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