Tun M’s Invitation, Sunday 9th March

Dr M is scheduled to hold a media conference at his Mines residence at 11 am today (Sunday 9/3). As usual, bloggers are welcomed.

Now let’s see what Tun M has to say. I’m very sure this will further upset Pak Lah after the 2/3 denied vote.

Meanwhile you can visit MalaysiaKini and HarianMetro for 12th General Election results.

ps: I think Tun M wants Pak Lah to resign 😯

pss: Sadly, I have to miss it. I have a wedding to attend 😮


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  1. tahniah wat pembangkang yg menang.. walopun kerajaan itteww masih memerintah dgn majoriti mudah.. jgn gado2 k

    en_me’s last blog post..no more inked fingers

  2. ko dapat SMS riot tak? Terkejut bile dapat SMS tu.

    Mane ade gado2, emo2 ade laa. alahai.

  3. Kalau ikut TV singapore, Dr. M kata Pah Lah responsible atas semua kekalahan teruk…

    Tapi Pak Lah kata (tak tau lah ocasion sama atau tak), dia tak kan letak jawatan…

    Hu hu…

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