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Tumpang Lalu La!

Everyone was rushing down the escalator, but I decided to relax and jumped into the elevator, so were other makciks and pakciks. I was probably the youngest in the crowd. Like I said, I wanted to relax and I wasn’t in a rush.

As I was holding the door for others, a pakcik came marching and ran into my back. I was sandwiched to the wall. I didn’t want to scold him for his rough behavior. I’ll let him slide. (Control high blood konon).

The car was considerably packed, everyone fought for their space. It would definitely be a mess if someone farts. Thank God, nothing exotic happened.

The door slowly opened, the same pakcik pushed everyone aside, being selfish as ever making his way out.

This pakcik needs some schooling. Allow me to introduce some anarchy here.

I held his bag and let everyone passed. Everytime he asked me to let go, I pretended not to hear and kept my grip firmer. One hand on top of the other.

Ko ni apehal? Kurang ajar ke? He yelled at me.

Lain kali, kalau nak cepat keluar, masuk last sekali. Itu pon tak reti ke? I replied.

Too me, it doesn’t matter if you’re an old fart or a hot girl with a pierced tongue. Just as long as you know how to respect others. Here’s an example.

Tumpang Lalu La! 1

(taken from wazari using SniperTool)

ps: Tak malu ke jadi orang tue yang tak bersopan?

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28 replies on “Tumpang Lalu La!”

pergh kalau aku pun berangin je. aku pun jenis berangin juga tapi takdelah jadi alasan untuk kurang ajar (hu3).

kadang-kadang aku pelik tgk orang yg lebih tua. bukankah sepatutnya mereka banyak pengalaman dan belajar untuk kawal tekanan darah?

patutlah orang skang ni cepat kena high blood (ha3)

I respect what you did! I hope I have the same strength if the same thing happened.

Btw, human loves to pretend that they’re right even they’re wrong. That’s time we have to show some anarchy.

selamba juga eh ko? i did that once, told off this old man in the lift smoking. some people just need some ‘talk down’. kurang ajar ke apa.. belakang kira because obviously like in your case the pakcik yang kurang ajar 😉

aku pun pasan sesetengah org tau camtu dalam train..aku kan idup kat kl byk nek train.huhu..kdg2 usha sekeliling jer..dia igt kite usha dia tak pueh ati..nak jer aku sepak kuo org2 camtu time train jalan..haha..(kejam2)

berani giler….salute..mmg patut pon, mmg patut bagi pengajaran siket. Kadang2 kalau dalam lrt rasa sia2 je dia tampal “Aren’t we courteous?” Terasa mcm kurang ajar sgt je org2 kita.huhuhu..

you’ve definitely done the right thing! there are some assholes that just want to make people’s life worse = =” they need to be snapped back to reality!

imagine that pakcik were punk’d, and then u have to put up your poker face n tell him , abang u’ve been punk’d. my oh my, u’ll probably ended up with a black eye if you’re lucky.
garang siot pakcik! if i were u , i’ll prolly add a thing or two just to goad him. HA HA

nice one la bro….nice blog too….n nice info too…huhu
once i’ve been on the same situation as yours. but as the others, i’m just cursing him inside…mkn dalam gk r tgk org2 mcm ni,huhuhu

uuiiisss tak berangin ke pakcik tuuuuuuuu…. if my pakcik dah betumbuk dah hahahaha….biasalah malaysia boleh……… well respect u bro if that is really wot u had done,we need more of u in this malaysia rather that banyak cakap tapi akai tak da….

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