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Total Freedom

They keep telling me, the best tool for a Web Developer is a Mac. Everything is there. I’ve read somewhere also that it’s built for the creative industry. Sadly, I’m not even in the market of buying one, yet.

It’s not really easy designing a web. The process and technology keeps improving by the minute. Even as experienced as I am, I usually get tangled between codes and designs.

Where did I save this? Where did I save that? Can I make it this way? How bout that way? Does this look good? Is this light enough? Minimalist enough? .. the never ending bucket load of questions never cease to end.

Then the software. “Use this, use that. Eh, this is better, use this.” Also series of recommendations on how to free yourself from designs and codes.

Personally, wearing nothing but a towel is TOTAL FREEDOM.

It’s cheapest solution I know, so far. (Try it, you might like it!)

Oh well. Maybe it’s just a series of bad habits I developed when I was in Uni.

ps: Geek meeting with @bat at Taman Connaught tonight. See yah

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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oh. sound fun. TOTAL FREEDOM.

about the Mac is best tool, they’re totally wrong. it is how you make use of the tools is important.

i’m on Mac mostly due to the OS and almost virus free, not because it is the best designer’s tool.

i was once on PC, so, they’re good for Web Developer too. 🙂

I’m on Mac cause I can run 10 apps at a time and not a single lag.

well, then again, that’s achievable using windows. maybe. don’t know.

plus mac lets u to use your comp easily, and faster cause of all the shortcuts. it is a chore to switch from a window to another using windows, but not with Mac. haha so fangirl.

10 apps? Hm.. That’s my baseline at the moment. Usually running 3 designing softwares, 2 text editors, 4 browsers (all with full with open tabs) and a calculator. That doesnt include mp3 player, ym and skype etc at one given time. Not really a matter of reliability. If you know your machine, you know how un-tap it.

Shortcut keys? Oh my.. I think I remember most of them (windows lah)

Anything you can do on Mac, can be done on PC, likewise. Just a matter of looks.

TOTAL FREEDOM here is, working wearing nothing but a towel. No software, apps or computer could ever do that 😀

One of the thing I hate about web dev is backwards compatibility. I’m now on Win7. Troubleshooting IE6 is realllllllly hard. You can’t install IE6 parallel to IE8.

Actually, that was my main fear when in comes to switching platform.

Another thing to note. Whilst it looks good on Mac, it doesn’t look good on PC. We all know 90% of computers are PC. Thats already 2 disadvantages.

MBP “Indah rupa dari khabar” hehehe…

means, any picture or graphical layout on MBP’s screen looks waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy nicer, prettier and more vivid than any other laptops in the world (…kot). It even makes Dell Studi XPS look dull.

So whatever you see so beautiful on an MBP doesn’t mean that it will look nice on others.

A huge minus for you as a web developer.

PS: Noktah Hitam looks gorgeous here.

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