Top 10: Horniest Country

Who would’ve thought, Malaysia would be no 7.


We beat the English, Americans, Australians, the whole South East Asia and many other nations. Countries that toppled us are;

#6 Italy – Land of the Romes. Nude art is their specialty.

#5 Poland – Never been there. No idea Polish loves to polish ehem².

#4 China – When the government blocked Google due to it’s porno content, I was rather amazed. Now, not anymore.

#3 Russia – Quote,”in Moscow, Sharapova is everywhere”.

#2 Brazil – Look at Ronaldo, he divorced and turned to she-males. Euww.

#1 Greece – The land of the Gods (and Goddess). Enough said.

I’m starting to wonder, should we be proud being no 7? It screams hamsap[1. loose Cantonese accent, means horny] more than anything else. And why did we lose to Thais and Singaporean? Don’t they legalize prostitution? Oh well, read the full article here.

ps: I think people like Lochoe, Syam and Bong contributed most 😛

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Dude! Aku tidak masuk dalam ini wayang la.

Paling bangsat pun, aku dok ‘cuci mata’ nengok awek pakai baju sexy-sexy kalau lalu depan the Beach, Zouk etc. Senggol-senggolan tak berani la. Whoahahaha 😮

ET horny + pervert gak? Aku pon tatau. Aku tak berani tauk name die, karang die suruh peminat die hentam aku, terkintai² aku nak tangkis. Syam, Bong & Lochoe mmg terbukti dah. Lepak kt Suzy, mate meliar je. Hahaha

Woit… Jangan nak tulis cerita tipu kat sini. Kalau nak tulis, biarlah telus dan jujur. Patut tulis macam ni:

” Eddie, Syam, Bong & Lochoe mmg terbukti dah. Lepak kt Suzy, mate meliar je”

:down: :down: :down: Malaysia really :down: :down: :down:

Bcoz Singapore government had block some porn-sites like redtube, youporn n etc.

Malaysia minister like watch porn so don’t want to take action or what ? .. 😀

Saw this on digg yesterday. I stopped reading when they mention that hunk from mca. Total BS. Malaysia would fit in a top 10 most deprived sexually, but not on top 10 horniest for sure. Stupid journalist thought it was clever to define a country based on their news headlines.


depends on how the survey was carried out la kan….

Kalau survey ni dijalankan time the reign of Bill Clinton, I’m pretty sure America will be among the top 5 countries, thanks to Lewinsky.

It is…but what is so bad being the horniest? It supposed to be a good thing, isn’t it?

no la i mean, redtube as in msia skrang aku rasa semua pc rumah pernah log in kat site tu…tapi jepun ptt ada kan.aku rasa diorang paling teruk skali.diorang nye case2 horny2 ni pelik2.

i’m not suprised though…in an odd way, isn’t good? kirenyer kite ni more expressive dari our counterparts la kan…but yeah, in reality kite kene jaga nama baik negara kite..but i’m so agree we need to be horny once we wedded! hehehe…

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