Tidur Seharian

Kick off dinner, celebrating 10 years after school.


It was a blast. Total turn out, 70 including ladies. I’m sadden by the fact that many names on the list didn’t make it. We had to pay for these heads. Kenapelah susahkan member sendiri?

I didn’t enjoy myself much. I was working silently and making sure everything was in order. By the time I settled down, everyone was making their way out. Not much laugh or talk yesterday. Have to admit, I miss those deep conversations.

I thank fqrl, fadli, riq, zaaba, ptt, izrin and many unnamed soldiers for putting much effort into the dinner.

And today, I slept for a good 12 hours. Woke up and ate pizza, and continued for another solid 4 hours.

I woke up at 8pm feeling lost, disoriented and little depressed. I should’ve spent my Sunday doing something other than sleeping (like washing car or work).

16 hours of sleep, now I need some drugs to knock some sense.

ps: Kene Qada semua solat 😯

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woo. i slept for one and a half day after submitting final project last semester 😥

btw, congrats for the dinner. it’s awesome. my batch seems wanna wait until we all married. gosh.

aku teringin nak tidur seharian.
tapi, setakat ni tak pernah ada peluang.

sama ada, mak aku kacau, suruh bangun,
atau.. ada je keje yang dah menanti yang menghalang aku nak tidur lama-lama macam tu.

Tidur lama-lama ni ada best nya. Best kalau masa tu memang kita tak de kerja nak buat. Tidur la selama mana pun, tapi kalau tgh ada kerja, dan kita ter tidur, aduhhhh rugi nya rasa!

Aku pernah tak tidur. Gerak dari Penang pukul 12am. Smp pudu pukul 4.30am. Lepak sebelah mat pit tgh tidur. Bas smp pukul 6am. Smp rumah 9am. By 10.30am aku dah smp kat office. Memang masa tu semangat gila! Eh bukan semangat tapi sebab tak de sape nak buat kerja tu, so aku kena la pi jugak pejabat.

ps: Dalam sesuatu perkara psikologi dan minda mampu mengatasi perasaan.


im planning not to sleep at all the day before my flight back home with air asia this coming summer.

sbbnye kan..apparently, i was told takde entertainment or whtsoever langsung dlm flight slame 12 jam tu. 😥

aaa and unlucky me, i knew this after i ‘kindly’ bought the tix. cit cit cit!

geez..sangat jealous with this.. [not the 16-hour-sleeping-marathon, but the REUNION].. i truly understand the feeling, eD. that day during OG’s day, even with only 9 other friends, we ‘sounded’ like 100 people! mostly because we were reminiscing the old times. and you know how LOUD we can be.. [yes, aliza was one of them time tu.. lol]

anyway, hope the 10th anniversary will be a success. we are planning for ours too.

bro, it was more than 70 ppl for sure. in the pic alone dah about 60, ladies about 15 more..but im just being anal. it was a resounding success!

and i feel you. aku tgh2 makan kena lari sane sini settlekan mcm2 hal. plus nk arrange surprise anep lg. but it’s all good in the end 😉

Hmm.. ni based on the attendance list. Exactly 70. Unless I’m unaware of some ladies. Total paid 64 je kot? Ramai gile jagung, geram plak aku.

Ah, not for me. Tgh borak² dgn skis, kene plak terkejar sane sini. Tak pernah abes conversation. Bile dah abes sume, Izrin plak try shisha, member jadi high semacam. Ko tanye ape, he replies with a smile, macam McD’s service with a smile.

aku ni termasuk ke dalam ‘list jagung’ tu???kalu ye,aku mintak mahap la…tapi seingat aku, aku xde pulak mengkonfemkan attendance aku…aku perzen psl ko asik msg aku je…so correct me if i’m wrong…sorry ah sgt2 sbb xdpt dtg…i got a family matter to attend…but you guys were having so much fun!!!

I always sleep during the flight although I did intend to watch those in-flight entertainment tp slalunye everytime blk msia or from msia, on the day b4 that sure bz gile smp sleep-deprived..if I hv friend sitting next to me, I always remind her to wake me up if I snore!!that’s my biggest worry sleeping when I’m extremely tired, in public!

I thought everyone snore when they are just too tired…I don’t know if this is evidence-based but it’s a conclusion I’ve drawn from my observation…(not pretty!!-I know)

Anyway NH, the longest uninterrupted sleep I’ve had is 18 hours(3pm to 9am the next day)..I win!!

since bila lak aku jadik dugong Jawa ni??berat aku dah turun ah…70 kg skrg…dah bole nak lumba lari ngan ko edie…tapi lumba lari 1500 meter ah…xpun cross country….huahuahua

2009-2010 definitely not a good time to be out of Malaysia 🙁 .

Siapa muka separuh kat belakang ko, Eddie?

tah ko…sibuk sgt…i can hardly get a good chitchatting with anyone pun…

but seriously, it was fun la beb. Thanks to all of you for the effort.

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