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Tick Tock Tick Tock

*Teet Teet* Unlocking my phone with my face flat on the pillow, I was wondering what time it is.

It’s 5.00 am. I’ve been rolling around for 4 hours. It was dreadful. Even an insomniac tablet can’t help me take off. Urggh, I need to learn to shut my brain. STOP THINKING AND SLEEP! YOU’VE GOT A MEETING AT 9am!

*sandwiched my head with 2 pillows*

I passed out. The last time I checked the clock was 6.05 am. Good 2 more hours of sleep.

25 minutes later, a couple of knocks landed on my door. My lovable-living-alarm-system (mom!) never fail to get me off the bed at 6 30am. Now I can’t sleep anymore, I might as well work or do some light reading drawing.

Current record, 7 hours on the bed and still wide awake.

ps: I need a horse tranquilizer. Anyone here a Vet?

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

22 replies on “Tick Tock Tick Tock”

tick tock tu alarm hp dia..pki mykeylock..giler pemes bunyi tuh sampai masuk entri ko..jeles2..kah3..(off topic)

minum susu byk2 boy..haha..aku pun tak tau camne nak ilangkan pyh tidor tuh..juz kene pakse diri tido jer la..aku pun kdg2 kene cam ko gak..lagi2 sembang lebat ngan ngeteh baru2 ni mmg ubah masa tido aku la..haha

cannot sleep, go for a run lol 😛 ey bro, when you’re tired, you’re still insomniac? if i have crazy, tiring, sweaty exercise during the day, i can sleep like a baby.. else, i can’t sleep ‘peacefully’ as well and that sucks….

tot u gonna write ur wish on ur birthday? hmmm. nak tidur kena kawen-lah bro. pil kuda pun tadak guna. hahaha.

seteruk mana insomia aku, aku tak pernah makan ubat tidur. apa sebab?

pil tidur sama macam pil tahan sakit (painkiller), merangsang saraf tidak menghantar signal ke otak. secara tak langsung sakit tidak dirasa.

akhirnya bakal merosakkan buah pinggang dan hati. huh! menakutkan.

yang paling baik ialah rawatan mazioka (elektromagnet).

somehow dlm medical books pon ade gak tips minum warm milk before tido!

btw NH, i could give u an 8 mins consultation on sleep hygiene..this would be a good practice for my exam prep!!

Kalau kawen bole tido? What are you implying? Peace of mind ke extra curricular activities? If the latter, hmm.. no idea. But I do know, after I swim or exercise, I eat a lot.

hehe. kesian nya. nikmat woo tdo. maybe kene ade spirit tdo kotz. ahahha. aku dan org2 sekitar aku, semua nya jenis.. cpt je lena. wee! hiks. maybe. my advice is.. Don’t think too much! =p

wah itu sudah tidak normal! go see a doctor 😀 female doctor. watch that HK films Infernal Affairs before? This guy, played by Tony Leung went to see the psychiatrist just to sleep on her couch. The only place he could sleep soundly.. HAHA!

hah x leh tido??i want i want..sebab saya selalu sgt tido. lepas minum kopi pon bleh tido..uhuhu..x rasa penat ke??atau kalau penat pon tak boleh tido?dah try letak lavender aromatic di bilik??it acts like tranquilizer and anti-mosquitoes too..hehe..

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