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Think Big, Dream Less, Act More



When I quit my dads’ company, I decided the only way to survive in this world is to start a business.

I analyzed the market, service is the best industry to capitalize on my personal knowledge & skills. I started my own web development company as I always like to fondle have always been in love with PHP & MySQL and many OpenSource projects. A few months ago, I have witnessed one of the greatest financial problem in my life.

Initially, I can say I started with zero money in my account. Like many, I started small. I employed myself, used a personal laptop and acquired softwares, (ehem.. original). I have very little knowledge on marketing and sh*t. I threw my savings getting the ‘right people’ to consult. It turned out to be fraud, or rather, “i know this sh*t!”. Oh man, what a waste. Nonetheless, my business grew, slowly. Nevertheless, I thought this is how a business starts, negative.

As I secure new projects, I started employing other freelancers. Things was rough. I had to pay them upfront for new projects and that came from my own pocket. Then a couple of weeks passed by, my clients decided not to use my service and took my proposal elsewhere. OMG! I have wasted a few more thousands to get the ball rolling. I guess people don’t really look at small start-ups. I grew upset. I could hardly get a good night rest thinking about my next move.

A couple more blunders surfaced, my car broke down, my house loan, utility bills and more. It came to a point, where I had to flip my “piggy bank” to get some coins for LRT fares. Thank God I live with my parents, food & shelter was no problem. I started owing my best buds, believe me, my face was 5 feet thick when I asked for some funds. Thank you!

Never in my life, I asked my dad for advise, he explained very briefly, “Think Big, Dream Less, Act More”. He also pointed out this is just a temporary hiccup and I should pray more often. He added, if this is your passion, it will work out someday. He offered to inject some funds, but I refused. I didn’t want to rely on him, he will be gone one day.

A few months passed, projects rolled in, I settled my debts (close to everything). I have never felt such relieved in a long time. I’m thankful to my parents who supported me indirectly, my friends for the long-term-no-interest-loan, my clients for the boost of confidence and to my youngest brother, sorry I didn’t spare my free time with you.

What have I learned?

  • Your old man knows more
  • Start charging when you know it cost you
  • Maintain a good relation with all your friends
  • Don’t trust others easily
  • Stop the thinking game, just do it
  • Always, always have faith in God.

Now what? Laman7 is looking forward to secure a few more projects in the next months. We’re also looking forward to acquire a grant to fund our social project. Things are looking good great and I hope this will last. I end this post with a quote from the Quran.

Verily, with hardship, there is relief (Quran 94:6)

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

24 replies on “Think Big, Dream Less, Act More”

very inspring story.. quite touching though.. will leave more comments later, I’m sneaking out from meeting room just to check the blogs.. ahahaha (meeting at 6.22pm? Yes.. that is what I have to endure here..). Good luck man.

I agree – the way to be is to run your own business. I have finally founded mine – Designel Media Sdn Bhd ( – and will try to help may others in the industry via my project with Yayasan Bina Insan Malaysia soon.

U interested to chat business, or simply looking for like-minded person, e-mail me at

Ouch! I love this entry.. Really and honestly I adore you Eddie!!!!!!!! Beware of me.. Ahahhahaha.. *nuts*

Okay okay lemme be a lil bit serious here. To me, life can only be learned through hardship. The truth is, there are no such thing as hardship or since you are a Muslim, I can simply say that in Islam nothing is so hard as long as you keep on trying. It is all about how you set your mind. If others can do it, you can do it too. The thing is we should have a good attitude, determination and being able to choose a good and brave decision in life. According to my Ethics and Fiqh lecturer, these three things are the elements that differentiate you from others regardless of your intelligence’s level.

You are right by saying that I should pray more often . I concur with that.. By dua’ and prayers to Allah, insya Allah you’ll be able to protect yourself from being “fragile” inside-out. Only Islam can protects us from a moment of collapse. Masya Allah..

Once again, I adore you. All the best in pursuing your life and sorry for my long mumbles here. Macam mak nenek kan… Hahhaha 🙂

nono, sometimes its unfair to rely of Gods factor. When I was young and naive, I always thought, I shouldn’t pray (as in du’a) because I wanted God to grant the prayers who really needs them the most (i thought He has daily quotas). As I grew older, I know I shouldn’t be making assumptions on God’s power. Silly kan? that was me when I was 5 years old.

God will grant to those who worked utterly hard. Look at the non-muslims, they minus-ed out the God equation in what they do. So just work hard.. prayers are only to strengthen the inner soul.

the song is from Click Five – Empty. its in the new album 😉

HUGS to you too I guess, for supporting me in my darkest days or especially when I ran out of ideas :p

“ohh! sungguh rajin.”

was that refer to me being so rajin to sneak out from meeting room just to check the blogs or what?? hahah

oh, I wish I am a millionaire so that I can set up my own company n be my own boss.. I wish my voice is worth a million so that I can win the one in a million show to have the money.. but people can only wish… haha

inspiring true story..make me wanna open up my own health centre.eheh.amin.btw, mlle linie, ni kak ninie (Wan norlinie kah?) if so, hai kak.lame x jumpe. Me was ur junior btch 9802.eheh..sori en.eddie..terbuat reunion lak kat sini..

lu punye ke laman tujoh tu. gua tak perasan la beb. itu ari ada lalu lintas tak ingat bilee daaaaa. teruskan perjuangan kau sampai lebam OK! suppaaa kawaaiiii!!!

Guess whats the anti-spam word? it’s COMEL…

so it is either you, or me….

what do u think? aku ke ko yg comel?

nice story Ed…patut masuk Astro #712 tu, ‘True Eddie Story’, to inspire more average people like me…

pengalaman yg menarik, kita perlu bangun dan terus berlari…web yg menawarkan perkhidmatan kepada pelanggan, design, hosting dsb ada peluang yg cerah untuk terus bersinar. tambahan pula senang nak tangkap projek dari oversea

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