Thicker Than Blood


We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. – King Martin Jr. Luther.

So 13 years, We’ve been through all,
Through thick and thin, papers and walls.

No matter who, what, where or why,
We held each other and break the tide.

We’re now doctors, lawyers and engineers,
Looking back, we did falter, but it doesn’t matter.

Because we’re brothers,
For 13 years, pushing another.

Happy Birthday 9600.


5th December 1995 – 5th December 2008. Time sure flies.

ps: Sorry, 5 minutes poem. Don’t have time to brush it up.

pss: Picture credit to Pondar and whoever I stole those pictures from.

psss: 13 years ago, my parents left me in small town in Perak. What a sad sight.

pssss: 13 years later, I want to go back but too busy with life. What a sad sight.


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. thanks for the pictures bro…somehow it rejuvenates me…nostalgic yet fresh….gambar ko dlm pic pondar pakai full malay dengan tie tuh memang tak leh blah…haha πŸ˜€

  2. Budak mentah. Nak malu pon tak gune πŸ™‚

  3. Eh, di sinikah tempatnya? Tanggal 13 ogos yg lalu, saya ke sana mengikut ayahanda.

  4. muahahaha..ada satu jer gambar aku dlm bebanyak tuh..cari kalau jumpa.. πŸ˜›

  5. haha..jumpe!
    barisan paling atas, paling kanan…

  6. Reading your poem and listening to my dad’s old MCKK stories, never fail to impress me ; mmg rapat kan bond korang? I feel like im ditching my friends behind in msia =(

    Anyway, happy birthday!

    p/s : told u im not introvert. I can comment what? Happy? =P

  7. 13 Ogos..? Ape ade kt situ? Your dad MCKK?

  8. Bukan. Dia ex-SMS Tun Shed Sheikh Shahabuddin Pulau Pinang. Singgah sekejap waktu otw balik Kepala Batas. Dia ada urusan kat sana.

  9. wow!!!
    that is just so nice of you…
    thanks…. it makes me feel alive again…
    thank you for all those picture…

  10. First timers, dont get too excited 😯

    Like I said, thicker than blood. It’s not really about the funny stories we share, the same joke we laughed over and over or making fun of that same person forever. It’s knowing you have friends walking side by side, no matter where you are.

    (does it sound gay to you?)

  11. Come back and we can have steamboat.

  12. Kampung belah ayah kat sana. Kenapa?

  13. “We’re now doctors, lawyers and engineers,” – sedih part ni…

  14. Kampung belah mak saya kt sane. Kepala Batas, Penang atau Kedah?

  15. Kepala Batas, Penang. Adakah sama?

  16. It means, before we succeed, we must work hard. And when we succeed, we must be responsible for our actions. Hence the line after that.

    Jgn ambil bulat2 je ayat tu. Tade makne yg significant

  17. pic kau paling comel, kat image13.

    mcm PCD Ujang tu, ada selipar kat lengan.

  18. doctors, lawyers and engineers = succeed


  19. cepatnya korang membesar…. kanak2 dumex

  20. btw.. lupakan sedih tu..


  21. wah dah 13 tahun lepas eh. dulu2 sekolah start december ek. sekarang ni baru start january.

  22. picture fades but memories live forever…

  23. i think that was the last session yg start in december. starting 1997 dh start january dh.

  24. aku tunjuk kat orang gambar bacth masa F1, sorang pon x percaya aku mcm tu masa tuh..kurus gile beb, lol

  25. Hey! I was just about to post a similar entry like this, only with my ex-classmates in UiTM. πŸ™„

  26. I was born there with small village call Kg. Rambung but sadly never been to that school, not qualify. πŸ˜₯

  27. aku mmg takleh lupa la dok 5 tahun kat sana
    memang best giler!

  28. hoho.. sekarang sudah ternak. Nasib baik ko tinggi.

  29. Haha, budak2. It was the pakaian paling merapu thing. I think we did something wrong pastu kene denda pakai macam tu.

  30. Same 😈

    Lepas pekan Kepale Batas, on the way gi Sg Petani, ade kubur on your left before sampai traffic light. Ade surau kt situ, next to that is my home town.

  31. tade minum dumex. hot chocolate tipu ade la. Name die WAHI.

  32. aah kan aishah. dulu start skolah bulan december. baru cik simpankira ingat.. hihi.

  33. On the way to Pekan Penaga, about 10 min ride from Pekan Kepala Batas. Ada landmark pusat servis Mercedes/Volvo, next to it is surau. Next to surau is my kampung halaman tercinta.

  34. haha..rase mmg sumer skolah asrama penuh minum WAHI la..mmg tin dier tu tulis WAHI..klakar juga sbb nama die WAHI πŸ˜€

  35. jejak kasih ke ni?

  36. KNizam biler nak tepek2 pics macam ni???

  37. hehe sabar2 batch aku nyer besday 6 january 2009 :mrgreen:

  38. No, doesnt sound gay to me, just sound tak straight je..LOL jk!

    (Ley..kampung kepala batas rupenye die ni)

  39. so gay. hahaha.

    ok, just kidding. πŸ˜›

    It’s amazing how close you guys are. I adore that. πŸ˜‰

  40. Perak tempat proses org pandai2 mcm MCKK dan KE. Long live KE

  41. skali baru tahu daa korang sume ni budak2 satu college dulu…. hehehehe..

    kat situ, mesti korang ada pengalaman yg menyeramkan kan? kan kan? lalala..

  42. Tribute to those clad in whites,regardless of where they came from (Bee Loon, Side Two, Cammy or Cantonna 7).
    Thank god we were not put into wearing shorts and footie socks.Haha.

  43. haha..sama, 13 yrs ago. we were not even 13 pun lg and some of us were not even 12 y.o. dah kena hantar duk asrama. but it was good experience. growing up at school and surronded with friends in teenage years. walla~

  44. You just reminded me of how I met up with my long lost primary school friends and we can talk for hours about the childhood we’ve shared πŸ™‚ how nostalgic! What a great day to reflect on my past (ps, it’s Sunday for me now – lazy Sunday)… I guess the past defines what we are today and we cannot simply let it go, can we? πŸ™‚

  45. Skolah mana tuh.. cool gila dia nye badge πŸ˜• πŸ˜•

  46. rivals. haha .

  47. Itu logo utk 100 tahun punye celebration.

    Sekolah mane? MCKK.

  48. closer to friends than with family.. 😯

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