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the WTF of WTFness?


Few hours ago, someone asked me for a favor. I don’t mind doing favors for people. I enjoy lending a hand or two.

But asking for a favor has its way. You cannot use obscene language in your email asking me to do this that as if I’m a dog. I have feelings too. I replied the email, short and concise. I hate arguments.

So guys, when asking for a favor, please be very gentle. Regardless a friend, a foe or grand ma. You knew me 4 years ago, you do not know what I’m capable of these days. I AM VERY MUCH CAPABLE OF INFLICTING THE BIGGEST PAIN UP YOUR ASS. As seen here, is a beretta, I will shoot whom and what whenever I feel like to.

Oh yeah, that person has asked me to take down “ehem” name from my blogs. Since I’m quite the guy your daddy warned about, I’ll remove your name (in exchange of releasing 1000 spiders carrying an anonymous nude picture with your name on it.). How do you like that? You wont! THEN BE NICE! Good thing I’ve changed…

In the picture above, who would you be?

  • the winner – gets to boast about being great and shit
  • the helper – help pansy dudes and burn yourself
  • mediocre – just a pain in the ass!

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

6 replies on “the WTF of WTFness?”

Yea, I reckon we have to admit to the fact that it happens everywhere. No matter where we are, these people will never leave us alone. Not to mention they are bad. But I believe there’s always a way to be nicer to others rather than being disrespectful by pointing your finger towards someone without thinking of the person’s feelings.

But not to worry about that mate. Coz what goes around, comes around :->

I dont really believe in Karma stuff. Life is not fair, God is.

They’re not exactly bad. I just thought,”cant you write in a nicer tone?”.

Thank God I grew up. If I was a sore loser, who know what’ll happen.

Quote: I just thought,”cant you write in a nicer tone?”.

Urm I concur with that but sometimes we tend to have the wrong interpretations for something in the so called “written’s form”. 🙂 Tak ke?

Chill Edwin.. Chill.

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