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The World Cup Fever is ON!

I am feeling under the weather these day, I guess its because of the start of World Cup Fever.

Everyday I get the same question, again and again, “who do you think will be in the final?”. If I say England they’ll boo me, Argentina, they’ll say, only if Maradona isn’t coaching. I guess everyone has their own opinion.

The World Cup Fever is ON! 1

I don’t actually support any team in general. Not because I don’t have a stand, but I believe my loyalty is with Harimau Malaya even though they suck (big time). All in all, I just want to see a good game.

So where will I be watching the WC? Mamak, some fast food chain or home.

The World Cup Fever is ON! 2

If you’re a football fanatic you might want to head over to Celcom dedicated website for World Cup at You can play online games, fold originami, download wallpaper even get the latest ringtone!

Celcom is also giving away 8 different limited edition Celcom Blue Bears ™ from 17th May to 11th July and you can also walk away with RM 10,000 daily! (If I had RM 10,000 , I’ll probably get engaged or put deposit on a super bike 😛 ).

The World Cup Fever is ON! 3

What do you need to get win the Blue Bears ™? 3 Easy steps.

1. Just sign up for Celcom Broadband or upgrade existing broadband to 5 Gb data volume before 11th July.

For new customer:

The World Cup Fever is ON! 4

For existing user, purchase an additional 5Gb for RM20 from:
1. Celcom’s Online Customer Service at
2. Celcom Call Centre (1-300-111-000 or 111 if you’re calling from Celcom mobile)
3. Any of Celcom Branch

For existing user, purchase an additional 5Gb for RM20 from:

2. Register with Celcom’s Online  Customer Service.

3. Get a serial number from the Online Customer Service and draw the date for you to be eligible to win your prize. Celcom will call and ask an easy question if you’re short listed for the day. If you win, you can redeem your collectible Blue Bear at any Celcom Blue Cube or branch before the expiry date.

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