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The Umrah, Madinah, Part 1

I’ve always wondered what’s it like living in a 3rd World country, alas, Saudi Arabia gave me a piece of that (other than Malaysia).

Our journey to Saudi Arabia took 8 hours, plus minus airport etc, a day at least. And since we’re heading east, we’re chasing time and had to fast for almost 18 hours. It was the longest fasting period I’ve ever recalled.

We reached Jeddah airport at night and took a bus to Madinah. We had the whole bus to ourselves (9 of us). Jeddah to Madinah is 400 km plus.

Madinah is a blessed and wonderful city.

Our hotel is roughly 1km to the Nabawi Mosque. 5 prayers, 5 return trips, easily 10km walk a day. At 45ยฐ-50ยฐ, it sure was one hell of a walk.

Nabawi Mosque

Nabawi Mosque is one the most beautiful mosque I’ve visited. (Better than Putrajaya Mosque)

Break fast was something out of the ordinary. We were literally being pulled by the Arabs to dine with them. Very simple menu, dates, zam-zam water, a piece of bread and yogurt.

Later in the night, we did terawih. It was kind of hard to adapt when the prayers were longer than usual. It is physically demanding to stand for more than 2 hours.

I told you it was physically demanding.

We did some other visits as well. That includes, dates factory, Uhud hill (the Uhud battle), Janatul Baqi (graveyard of thousands of martyrs Muslims), Muhammad SAW’s tomb, Raudah and Qiba’ Mosque (the first mosque built).

Well, that’s the end of part 1. Next post, Mecca.

ps: I was very sure I took a photo at Muhammad SAW’s tomb. Could it be,.. God deleted it?

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39 replies on “The Umrah, Madinah, Part 1”

Dengan selamber ko ambik gambar pakcik “Mamat” tu? Ko bawak kamera ker masuk masjid? Ramai ker buat macam tu? Hehe saje tanye…

P/s: Selamat pulang!

P/s/s: Sedapnyer berbuka dengan yogurt! ๐Ÿ˜›

hey u’re back! yay~ i hv things to read! haha…
Ramadhan in Medina & Mecca is way different than here rite? experienced it in 2003..and man…serious nk pengsan everyday! haha…
I heard Masjidil Haram tgh renovation n apparently the hotels nowadays dah seriously jauh from the mosque! anyways…SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!! :halo:

youre back!before i forgot,selamat hari raya,maaf zahir batin.maybe mase ko amik gambar maqam tu,ade masalah teknikal kot.

No M-I-N, no technical errors. I checked before I got on the plane to Doha, it was still in my memory card.

If there was to be a technical error, it would’ve spoiled the entire gallery.

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