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The Toyol for Exam

It’s exam fever. I’d like to wish juniors good luck for the exam, and most definitely the result.

Yesterday, I bought an All-In-One printer (AiO). It’s been ages since I sought for one. The last one was BCJ-2000SP, a very famous Canon model. It’s still working but I never liked the way it’s oddly shaped, prone to collect dust.

So anyway, I started clearing out my desk to make room for the new found love. I scanned my old notes in the process.


Control System, year 2 Engineering, only 4 pieces of paper. I couldn’t find my ‘toyol’ a.k.a. cheat sheet. It’s only 1 page summing everything above.


  1. Did your gf write them for you? No.
  2. It’s so small, can you read it? Yes.
  3. Did anyone make a copy? I think so.
  4. Did you score the subject? No. I overslept and missed the exam
  5. Why do you choose to compress the notes? Less is more, more is less, more or less.
  6. The main reason to short hand your note. To save trees and be a cheapskate.
  7. Exam’s over, why don’t you throw it away? I spent hours writing this, do you think I’ll let it go to waste?
  8. Then go recycle! No. The memories intact is priceless.
  9. How old is the notes? 6 years.

I’m glad I’m through with engineering, I didn’t like it in the first place.

ps: Not going to blog about my niece. It’ll only invite the get-married-lah-eddie! in me.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

57 replies on “The Toyol for Exam”

dah berapa lama tu eddie?
clip kertas tu pun dah karat!
huh, bahaya tu overslept smpi terlepas exam!
naseb dah grad ๐Ÿ˜›

what? u’re not going to blog about ur niece?
i want to see her pics

you reminded me of the few things that my fwen do (wah… tak brani nk ngaku yg aku pun terlibat sama nih..) during exams…

1. write the short-hand notes in a one-page lenght folded in four, wrap it in plastic sheet and hide it in the box that holds the water to flush in the toilet (wth is that thing called, i kinda forgot.. hehe..). then take a peek at it when they are out to pee (kononnye la..)

2. write formulas at the soles of the school shoes (i am not kidding) especially add math.. walliao.. gle gigih budak2 cina kelas aku…

3. write short facts (usually for history subjects and islamic studies ~ yep.. still not kidding about this) on the exam pad that you are about to use to write THE ACTUAL answer (only works for monthly/weekly tests), but write with a harder force so that it leaves a mark that are still readable even after the written paper is disposed… and yeh, just read on (perhaps like braille) and copy the notes on the ‘blank’ piece of paper…

pnh wat number three for history. yeh. although i got a A for that monthly test, i felt so guilty i told my teacher about it. yeh, i got a helluva scolding from her but she was so kind and generous to give me a make-up test for that. and guess what, after studying really hard for that make-up test… i still got an A for it. ngee…

haha. toyol perkara biasa. sebagai student U alaf modenisasi ni, toyol aku adalah henpon. masuk tandas, on GPRS, bukak wikipedia. amcam? ok aku dah ajar pembaca blog ko yg masih belajar. selamat mencuba! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

toyol. xbek woooo. kurafat. haha. akoo buat toyol. bwk msk xem. tak kantoi. tp kantoi sbb paper akoo tulis hilang tiba2. rupa2nya kawan akoo amek tanpa akoo sedar. dan masa dia nk anto kat akoo, boleh dia bg dpn lecturer. huh! nasib baik dia ngaku salah. kalo tak… mungkin akoo xgrad daa! ahhhah!

Same with me back in 1999 when I was in IIUM, my second semester’s final exam. I was doing the notes, till I overslept and missed the exam.

It was such a huge frustrating moments I couldn’t ever forget of. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

my exam xleh bwk toyol.. ๐Ÿ™ tp budak2 bwak hanpon ๐Ÿ˜€ . nak jawapan? bincang? selamba je. x kantoi. ade la jugak yg bwk toyol2 tu.. x tau la bleh jwab ke tidak. ๐Ÿ˜›

lol…. cam ne ni bleh same plak…

i think all the engneer student will call the short notes
as “TOYOL”

muehehe so funny… long times didnt heard this words.
always imagine that the tiny notes complete with plastic
liminate only used while exam… haha~

“Toyol oh toyol…” my lecture translate toyol as:-
T = Tolong
O = Orang
Y = Yang
O = Otak
L = Lemah

ehehe… what ever…

thts neat bro. but i cudnt get away with it. med school punya note at least satu page satu chapter. and everyday we learn like 5, 6 chapters? haha

cant imagine the notes i have to go thru by the end of 5 years!

horror of the highest order!

It’s amazing how you managed to keep such notes for 6 years? ๐Ÿ˜€ ahha, mine lasted for a week, and i had to throw it away because my all time fav milo spilled on it THE NIGHT of the examination itself. who should i blame? the milo, or the toyol. wait, no. maybe myself. ๐Ÿ˜€

overslept dan terlepas exam?…hahahahah…mcm penah dgr je peristiwa brother like ‘another-brother’?..hahahaha
sib baik la kwn aku ni leh amik balik paper tu next sem..score gila2 plak tuh.

toyol?erm..aku penah wat tp mcm si NH ni gak..x penah guna.x reti nk i can proudly say i grad with honesty.muehehe.masa zaman aku tu ada 2 method fofular.1 taip notes or formulas kat word,then select all change font to the smallest one(gila gigih depa) and print.and yes..make sure the notes that u print tu can be cut so that it would fit the size of a flexible ruler.then they would paste it onto the ruler.during the exam/test they would put the ruler on the question paper(masa invigilator dtg dekat) it will look harmless.a friend of mine pernah bawak smpai 13 ruler.imagine that.gila betul.taktik ke 2 utk buat toyol is.. get the UTM’s standard answer booklet(yes UTM invigilator mmg malas nk collect balik unused booklets) and write down the notes.the risky part is to bring it along masa masuk exam hall in ur jacket.masa invigilator busy.. dengan pantas selitkan toyol itu di bawah answering booklet yang disediakan oleh invigilator.walla, you are was so fool proof you can actually flipped through it throughout the exam like nobody’s business.i just couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw it the first time.

“…No. I overslept and missed the exam ”

I did this few times. 1st thing I did when I realised I missed the exam(s), rubbed my eyes red, get some minyak cap kapak then rode my bike to the nearest clinic. Best place to go? Campus clinic. Different version everytime. Stomach ache.. etc.

Once, I suffered from anxiety attack when doing my paper because I was not ready. (Working part time, last minute revision just not enough). I was not going to fail the subject, so I went to the supervisor, I said I couldn’t do my paper, I am having severe headache, not feeling well bla bla.. He told me to go to clinic and passed him the medical slip, rescheduled for ‘personal exam’.

๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„

toyol..?? wah itu mmg satu keperluan… tidak lengkap exam jika tidak wujud toyol.. aku lebih suka menulis di calculator, gunakan pen dimensi, perlukan sudut yang tepat untuk membaca note… jika dilihat seimbas dua imbas, mmg x nampak note.. cuma aku saja tahu sudut mana boleh ditatap..

kertas?? itu cukup bahaya, sbb dlm exam, gementar yang lain dirasakan.. toyol kertas buat aku lebih tertekan dlm exam.. tetapi baguslah.. degree dah tamat dan cgpa pun lebih dari yang diharap ๐Ÿ™‚

:vangry: toyol? Time aku study dulu lecturer mmg tau budak2 bawak toyol. Nasiblah kalau yang baik dia donno je.. dia nak tolong. Tapi dari satu sudut jujur ke kita dan asli ke scroll kita.Asal toyol ni dulu org buat shot note atau part penting before exam, lani terbalik, bawak masuk dalam dewan..

kenangan 1988-1991 ๐Ÿ˜†

Enter the age of technology!

There’s hardly any toyols made hand-written back in my days.All were neatly typed in Words,smallest yet readable fonts possible and printed out. The best to offer.

If all fails, setting up with friends for seatings prior to entering the exam halls might prove fruitful, if you have ‘daredevil’ method in mind aka swapping answer sheets. Be wary though, that only those who are quick and agile will prevail.

Know it, but learn it not.Godspeed.

engineering student memang creative. :up:
tempat biase letak toyol kt scientific calculator. tulis toyol kecik2 pakai pensel tekan 0.5 kat calculator kat celah2 button calculator. pengawas tak berape nmpk sbb gelap + kecik2. penuh giler toyol kt calculator. tu tak kire cover calculator lg. he3. lg byk ruang:razz:
i really miss those days. :XO:
dulu ms blaja sibuk nk keje. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
bile da keje skrg rase mcm nk blaja blk. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

dang, i just had to reply to this.

no 1 is so friggin creative!!

anyway, i used to make last minute notes in A4 paper too, in my uni years.. if only i knew this trick back in PMR or SPM, my results woulda been better..

i could never study early for exams! last minute reading or pay attention in class works best for me.. ๐Ÿ˜€

minggu lepas baru habis kertas akhir. pulun habisan buat nota baca dalam bas nak ke dewan. masuk dalam poket seluar. kalau ikut kan hati mahu saja keluar gi tandas dan semak semula nota tu. tapi bila fikir semula, rugi je la usaha penatยฒ tapi meniru.

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