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The Three Stooges, Bile Nak Kawen? [Part 2]

I have 2 cousins, both sharing the same age, fate and marital status with me. That makes us the trio.

While witnessing ‘the vows‘, an older cousin (who’s married) squeezed his way to the front, right next to me.  He asked the forbidden question every single people hates,”Bile hang nak kawen?”

I took the rebuke with a smile.

“Takkan takde girlfriend kot?”

“Takde. Ex ramai la.”

“Awat? Hang tak laku ke?”

He was way out of line. I managed to keep cool, but that’s how things are in this family. We like poking into peoples’ business. Typical Penangites or shall I say ‘anak mumi’ (although we’re not).

I gazed deep into his eyes wearing a sad look on my face.

“Dah ketentuan Tuhan. Nak buat macam mane?”

He looked down in shame, knowing he went too far. He lifted his arm and patted my shoulder. “Sabar la eh”.

Hahaha. Yes! PWNED! Thanks to my theatrical talent I managed to brush him of my back. I seriously hope the effect would last long.


A few hours later, an uncle walked up to us while we were having our late teh tarik outside the house. “Ni hangpa awat tak kawen lagi?”

My two other cousins decided to answer by pointing at me, “Tunggu Ewin”. Like a fat kid eager for candy, my uncle turned and asked again, “Haaa bile?”

“Tunggu girlfriend 18 tahun. Tanak la consesus rape.” We laughed hysterically.

“Hangpa men-men no? Tak pa..” as he limps away with an injured pride. I clinched my fist, yes! PWNED!


The key to winning  this question is simple. Knock them off their socks in a polite manner. I’ve illustrated two possible ways, the soft and hard. Now it’s up to your imagination to reply. Best of luck!

ps: How did this turn into a tutorial?

pss: Where are you..? I think I’m missing you 😳

psss: Thanks for shooting the emotional commentator, tell me what I can do for you.

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70 replies on “The Three Stooges, Bile Nak Kawen? [Part 2]”

“Hang bila nak kawin? Tak reti lagi ka umoq dah meningkat tua….tadak oghang koi lama koi muda….”

i have people asking me this Q all the time and most of the time, i stun them with this answer :

“Jodoh tu kan keje Tuhan..knape kite susah-susah nak pikir?”

and it works~~~ (only that i have other people plak tanye the same Q…haih)

p/s : kawenla cepat eddie, i want to be the mak andam..kekeke

koi kaya is acceptable….but koi lama koi kental, koi laju? i dont think so….sprinters become slower bila makin tua for example….koi horny? no comment haha…

I used to use your answer before masa sebelum kawen…but some of the elders are actually smarter than we thought. They once answered me like this:

“Yela jodoh tu keje Tuhan. Tapi kalau tak usaha, tak guna jugak….sama la macam doa mintak jadik kaya, tapi keje pemalas…”

I thought my respond was good. His is actually better.

Bro, I clocked faster than I was 17. Kental.. agak subjective. But figure aku, aku rase lagi kental la dari aku 17. Tak caye? jom arm wrestle! Kalah belanje Barbican Malt!

Earlier today at the hospital, my Nek Su asked me the godforsaken question. I went for Option 1 together with sad puppy dog eyes. She gave me the “Yela jodoh tu keje Tuhan. Tapi kalau tak usaha, tak guna jugak….sama la macam doa mintak jadik kaya, tapi keje pemalas…” answer (or something along that line).

Fortunate for me, my now recovered Opah came to the rescue. She said, “Yang ko nak sibuk2 nak suruh cucu aku kawin kenapa? Biar dia pikir nak sambung masters camner. Tak pun pikir career path macam mana.”

Yess! Someone to back me up! 🙂 🙂 🙂

The funny thing is, up until before I graduated last year, she was the one pushing me to get married. I have no idea why she changed her mind.

Haha. Ari tu balik kampung pun kena tanya soalan bonush ni gak.

Senang jer… I just jawab “Tak tahulah…takdir semua tu…”

HUHU. My grandpa pun senyap dengar jawapan tu.

respon aku: “Susah nk carik, budak laki ramai la kat sini, budak pompuan berapa kerat ja, pompuan bukan suka sgt amik program engineering nii, kalo kat UK nuuu kot la, budak medik ramai”

hahaha..always work!

of course kene dengan muka convincing lah… diorg salu bengang…

(tokok tambahla, dah booking dah, dah survey dah semua photographer semua)

confuse!! 😈
why people always tot penangites , ‘anak mami’???
erghh… juz hate it! :down:

wor. really practical. i think i am going to face that sort of questions the next raya.

either I already have one at that time, or I have to put this trick to good use.

hahah..nicely put…kesimpulannye mane2 tempat yg msia anta bdak med aa..
owh NH..mmg sgt lubuk aa for u…
lgpon most of the girls yg study overseas tend to be single..<–u can quote this as from me…

if only i would fall in love with mat salleh..n it is reciprocal…ahhahah

But it’ll always back fire.

“Ni anak pak cik leman ni, dah 32 tahun, tp tak kawen² lagi. Nanti pak ngah tanye pakcik leman, kot² anak die sudi”

Tak pasal² kene match make. Believe me, I’ve tried 😛

this is the best I’ve read so far of u. it took me a while to stop laughing 🙂

i thought i am still young (i am) but everybody keep asking this bonus Q. maybe because i was born with the status, ‘among the youngest cousin and single’.
my answer probably lousy but it always ends with – 7 tahun lagi. no candidates and xde org nak. yeah, with that puppy eyes and sad look. konon boleh escape.

i got good response later. “nak tolong carikan?”


Eh, it’s about time you got the bonus question. Anyway, if people offer you guys, just take the offer. And if they did bring you someone, there’s always a word called rejection. Not to worry, usually they won’t 😛

22 is pretty young to own that Q. how old r u?
my grandma tried matchmake me once. i ran. i thought i am okay with it but i’m scared to death over the idea. unlike you. PWNED! 😛

bila setiap kali bulan percukaian datang, aku pun dpt soalan bonus ni, lebih2 lagi bila org tanya pasal rebate wife, relief utk wife, anak2..

dan aku jawab yang aku kena tax sikit je.. kalau aku kena byk2 tax nanti, baru semua tu aku fikir balik.

tapi, macam dah penat je jawab gitu.

tahun ni, aku banyak senyum dari menjawab. huhu..

wowowo. nice tutorial. hehe 😀

btw, I pray my aunt will find her spouse someday. late already 🙁

i think it’s ok for a guy to find a wife even in 30-40’s but not the girl ❓ – i pray for you too. May Allah give you a good wife and cute children 🙂

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